who’s the villain?

Save me from myself
as i can’t seem to conquer
the darkness surrounding me.
who’s the villain,
when i’m trying to pacify the doubts in my head?
who’s right,
when i’ve lost all sense of identity?

i make it so easy
to run away from the good times;
i don’t like it when i realise
i’ve become an
empty shell.
a shell that’s plain
with no texture –
one that’s become so indifferent
to the things that
used to hurt, hurt

the vision remains white
despite the black canvas,
the body is numb even though
a dozen claws and thorns should be hurting it.
the mind is thinking without feeling
the heart’s deflecting without giving time to be attacked
the soul hides under the pretence it’s being hunted
the dreamer seeks with closed eyes
the realist is drowning in the absence of water
and lastly
the girl is dying,
as she savours each breath with good health.

i can believe in hope
but today’s not the day
nor was it yesterday
and my heavy heart
doubts it’ll be tommorow.
till then i continue to dream on
whilst the world i forget to fight for burns
until all that remains
is the ashes of what used to be Me –
Somebody you used to know.

you can read my last creative piece here – it’s called you say i love you boy

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