may 2020 – monthly wrap up


welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear how may treated you so do swing by in the comments!

moments i’m proud of:

  • i started studying again as soon as april ended. and i’ve stuck to my routine which consists of weekend mornings, and weekday evenings studying. and i’ve covered a lot of content, and am proud of not slacking off. and even managed to cover more of my tax syllabus that i thought i would be able to which is great news
  • i started a bookstagram account called bookishxbabbles, and the bookish community is so welcoming and creative
  • work ethic and productivity levels is great that i’m always on top or ahead of stuff at work. got taught how to process claims and had fun clearing some backlog and logging it all into the system. it was really interesting (yes, i’m weird like that)
  • starting doing tamil piano covers and had to resort to using youtube tutorials and memorisation since sheet music isn’t readily available for that
  • took time to post an insta story about my roots (which will be featured on my blog soon) and it opened up conversations with many people which was warming
  • my room had a lil makeover thanks to my mama dearest. my walls are now purple and white (after a decade or so of being green). and i had some shelves put up for my books, and also hooks for my instruments annnnd i got a new friend (aka a lil house plant – he’s really cute)
  • i’ve come out of my comfort zone a lot thanks to the blogging world. i’m more outgoing virtually, have made many new connections with people, collabed, had deep convos, fangirled, and have friends in so many different countries. it’s hella cool and mind blowing to think on. i’ve gone from being super reserved to letting my authentic weird self shine through whilst also maintaining a level of anonymity that i’m comfy with. and weirdly, this is something i’m proud of – never thought i’d see the day where i was this socialise (virtually).
  • also i’m nine followers away from 600. was kinda hoping to hit it today so i can include it and be like OMG SO COOL but regardless imma be like OMG SO FRICKING COOL!!! and thank you so much for choosing to follow and interact and support me. means the world ❤

books i read:


things i watched:


i watched the second season within two days, and the pace picked up, and i fell even more in love with this show. however, they dropped so many bombshells and loose endings before wrapping the season up…


geetha govindam: the ending was super cute and funny and adorable and made me smile so much. also vijay (the actor who plays govind is pretty cute)


K.G.F: okay this movie is very moving and heart wrenching and i can’t wait for chapter two to be released


thoza: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! it’s so heart warming, and cute, and funny and teaches you many important lessons. don’t rewatch many movies, but this is definitely one i will.


i was so gassed and hyped to watch this show. cause this was the first english show/movie i’ve seen where the main character/any character be TAMIL LIKE WHOOP WHOOP YOU GO GIRL! this show was so relatable at times, and some scenes (mother daughter moments) got me all teared up


heartbreaking. sad. amusing. funny af. loved it. and the doggy, the way he protects tony every time his mind goes to dark places. and some of the characters are so lovable like sandy, pat, daphine.


pokkiri: this made me almost cry with the mistreatment of women and girls. like it was hard to watch those scenes, but other than that, good plot and moral. and all my childhood fav songs of vijay were from this movie. and it had my fav comedy actor in it too, playing the idiot as usual. so yup, loved this movie!


mr local: so lighthearted and fun to watch. made me laugh with the corny, idiotic jokes and punchline.

OIP (1)

something something unakkum enakkum: the most adorablest, cutest, funniest romantic comedy ever with some badass fighting scenes. i don’t really laugh out loud or crack many smiles watching ish, but gosh this movie had so many ridonkulous moments, i couldn’t help but laugh

current song obsession:


piano covers:
(do swing by and say hi on insta @kiyax_x)

  • en jeevan – tamil
  • pirates of the carribean
  • let you down by nf
  • hall of fame by the script
  • kutti story – tamil
  • verithanam – tamil

super amazing people i met:

so i recently connected with a really sweet blogger with a wonderful personality. and her name is anna! she’s so down to earth and posts really funky posts, and is new to the blogging scene, so do go ahead and shower her with love and support!

a post i read this month that i adored:

let’s talk about: feeling comfortable in your own body

i just found this post super genuine, and refreshing with it’s blunt honesty. also fell in love with a new quote shared in the blog post:

“no one is born ugly. we’re just born in a judgemental society”

creative posts this month:

who’s the villain
he traded us
there’s this sadness gnawing away
he said i was perfect


little note:

i’ve decided to amend my posting schedule slightly!
weds & sat – blog posts
weekend – reading all your lovely posts, supporting you all, responding to emails ect

what are you proud of?
what have you been obsessed with this month? (book/movie/song/anime ect)
your favourite memory or highlight of the month?
tell me what content you’re proud of posting this month so i can check it out!

kiya x

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9 thoughts on “may 2020 – monthly wrap up

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    So lovely to hear that you came out of your comfort zone 🙌✨ I really want to watch Never Have I Ever and I started the After Life but must have gotten distracted as I didn’t even finish the first episode 😂 NEED to give that a go again! Hope you have a fantastic June 🌞 Take care 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Top Tamil Talk says:

    I am from Tamil Nadu and I liked your style of Tamil movies. Unnakum Ennakum is a great romantic movie that came out in the 2000s along with Santhosh Subramaniam, Kushi, and Sachin. My personal favorite is Santhosh Subramaniam.

    For Sivakarthekyan, I saw that you recommended Mr. Local. He is an actor that attracts very young people and became an actor after anchoring in many Tamil TV shows. I really like one of his first movies, Ethir Neechal, which had a sports perspective and a great sense of humor.

    I also saw some of your movies and songs preferences from Thalapathy Vijay. He is one of my favorite actors where I really like Ghilli, Mersal, Thuppaki, Thiruppachi, and Nanban.

    Liked by 2 people

    • flawed_silence says:

      hi there! so nice to meet you – thank you for stopping by 😀

      i haven’t seen any of the three films you’ve mentioned; i don’t tend to watch many romantic films, but if it’s a comedy i’m open cause what’s better some cuteness mixed with laughter right? thanks for the suggestions – imma try watch it over the next month or so and get back to you with my thoughts!

      i think mr local is the first time i came across sivakarthekyan, but i liked his stage presence. again, added this movie to my list!

      i adore vijay. i used to bop along to his movie songs as lil kid, and now coming to watch his movies, nostalgia hits like oof. i am yet to see ghilli and thiruppachi. i’m currently watching kaththi and my heart is breaking! i just finished theri last weekend and wow, what a plot.

      thank you for stopping by and sharing some interesting facts with me! have a lovely weekend

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Top Tamil Talk says:

    I would say that Santosh Subramaniam has quite a bit of comedy in the first half. In the second half, the suspense kicks in and the story gets quite serious (heart-breaking climax).

    The thing about Vijay is that he is a commercial actor. Many of his scenes from his recent movies like Theri and Kaththi have some references to his older films. So, I watched his older movies first where I was able to understand some of the inside jokes he makes in his newer films.

    I talked about some of the references that were made on his last film, Bigil. I posted a link below if you are interested.

    Liked by 2 people

    • flawed_silence says:

      sounds like the best kind of plot!

      thanks for letting me know about his newer films referencing older ones. i’ve kind of being going back and forth (in terms of timeline) with his movies.

      aha, i haven’t watched bigil yet but i will be sure to read your post afterwards and leave a comment with thoughts!

      Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      i most definitely will be. i got this massive list of tamil films to get through haha and you’ve just grown it!

      no worries. i enjoyed conversing with you! feel free to drop an email or pop by in the comments for a chat anytime 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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