Jan 23 Wrap Up

this post doesn't obey the rules of capitalisation. the lowercase letters makes everything seem less important, and therefore slightly soothe any symptons of imposter sydrome and shyness at revealing my shennanigans over the past month. despite this disclaimer, i invite you to probe and share your thoughts and accomplishments in jan. let's reflect together. i … Continue reading Jan 23 Wrap Up

I’m scared

i think committmentscares me when i thinkabout it for too long;and i'm not talking aboutloyalty or always choosingthem over the temptation.i'm not talking exclusively about love or lust, but rather the committment tolast whether as friends, loversor some kind of meaningful yetdistant bond. how can someone thatstruggles to stay committedto themselves not be scaredof latching … Continue reading I’m scared

Thiruchitrambalam – Tamil Movie Review

https://youtu.be/tNnPHz1u3RM Let's familiarise ourselves with the movie first Name: ThiruchitrambalamRelease Date: 18/08/22Featuring: Dhanush, Nithya Menen, Prakash Raj Running Time: 2 Hours, 15 Minutes Director: Mithran JawaharGenre: RomanceMusic: Anirudh Ravichander Honestly, the plot is quite simple and cute...cliché too PLOT BREAKDOWN (SPOILER FREE): We follow the life story of a delivery driver called Pazham. The movie … Continue reading Thiruchitrambalam – Tamil Movie Review

i hope you get used to the silence

a couple of drunken missed calls and a voicemaillater you've got mein your clutches again;you took away timethat i'll never get back,and now you're blaming me for being alone,void of companionshipand affection. i wish that someone had told me that it's not a sin to discard peoplewho wreak havocand play with your life as if … Continue reading i hope you get used to the silence

POV I remember I have free will: *Dropped out of my first choice career* – In the Life of Kate

On uncertainty and choosing your life in a society built on career aspirations Today's blog post is brought to you by Kate over at allthetrinkets. She's a creativity goddess and I'm super proud of her journey. She was one of the first bloggers I got to know donkey years ago, and she also created my … Continue reading POV I remember I have free will: *Dropped out of my first choice career* – In the Life of Kate