h e r    h e a r t     s t o l e n    b y     i n k e d    w o r d s

ever since she was little, she found it amazing how words could take you a thousand miles from home, and how sentences could make you intrude into the mind of another. it’s scary how words alone can shatter your heart into a million pieces, yet you really begin to appreciate the manner in which the letters snuggle up to each other when words flood you with warmth. to her, words are a way of self-expression, and reading a way to explore the world from the comfort of your home.

this blog is going to become her virtual bookshelf of bookish thoughts and she hopes you’ll stop by and keep her company whilst she recovers from a heart wrenching plot or the death of a character she’s become overly attached to.

a reader lives a thousand lives before they die | an act of writing is to share a part of your soul to the world