and i’ve decided

this poem was inspired by one of jeremy zucker's song called 'i'm not your fucking friend.' this song really spoke to me, as do most of his songs. in particular the line 'darling watch me disappear, ignorance is bliss i hear, i have always been sincere to you' stood out to me. whilst/before reading this … Continue reading and i’ve decided

Dear Crush,

Dear Crush, You’re so confusing. Honestly. There are times when I feel at ease with you and speak my mind, and be myself and we have a laugh. Then there are moment when butterflies are all that squirm in my stomach. When I think I’m over you, I’m not. When I’m not supposed to be … Continue reading Dear Crush,

Dear Enemy,

Dear Enemy, We got off to a wrong start. A very wrong start. Maybe we weren’t meant to be friends. Maybe we’re polar opposites. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Now we’ll never know. I thank you for providing entertainment. I grudge against you for deflating my ego. I’m amused at your reactions, grateful for you … Continue reading Dear Enemy,