it’s not until you

it's like my soul is in a constant state of hibernation and when it wakens up winter tries to make my mind his realm; guests come along and place bouquets of hope, florals of ambition and make space for blossoms of love and care to flourish. then autumn fancies playing his hand and starves the … Continue reading it’s not until you

boys can be hurt too

oh didn't they tell you that boys can be minding their own damn business and still be targeted and have their life torn apart? the boys have it easy - no glass ceilings or power struggles with patriarchy or being labelled as the weaker gender. but don't they tell you, that's what makes it even … Continue reading boys can be hurt too

the thing about life

life is too unpredictable to be complacent, and too beautiful to have to waste time burying regrets. we often wander around wearing masks that cloak our personalities, and speak in tongues that betray our authentic opinions. we settle for less because we want to please strangers and acquaintances, and cater to the envy, spite, gas-lighting … Continue reading the thing about life