Merry Christmas

​The breeze whispers quietly tonight as it let's the stars twinkle in appreciation the chimes of the Church, and the toll of the warmth of love The snow glistens like treasure Or maybe the sun sets the landscape alight  Releasing the spirit of all things jolly and merry so have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and let … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Our Blogging Scene ft Anna

Hey there everyone! We hope you’ve all had a fairly interesting and productive week, and hopefully a relaxing weekend around the corner. Today, the wonderfully friendly and awesome blogger Anna from Diversion3000 is with me, and we present to you Our Blogging Scene We shall begin with some photos of Anna’s blogging environment, and since … Continue reading Our Blogging Scene ft Anna

winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

Winter Wonderland My black dress gracefully swept across the blanket of snow as I devoured the beautiful scenery of life.  I scraped my nails to the frost as they crystallised. They looked so beautiful, yet it reminded me how we all destroyed ourselves as we chased after perfection. Perfection is something that is ut of … Continue reading winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing