unspoken words

i wish that people would pay attention to the unspoken words. hearts bleed out in sorrow, and poison laces every pretty lie we tell. smile with your eyes, don't falter your step, appear confident; if all that fails, pass the cynicism off as your wicked sense of humour. you're a performer. this is the real … Continue reading unspoken words

You can’t outrun what’s due for you, my darling

I'd tell my younger self To not give away her love for free; It should be earned And she should keep in mind That no one has the right To belittle her experiences Just so that she can slot into their visions. I'd tell her it's okay to Let people go, it's okay to be … Continue reading You can’t outrun what’s due for you, my darling

the world’s at a standstill

The world's at a standstillBecause we didn't know howTo douse the fury captured inOur hearts with love;Instead, fury twisted intoUglier strands ofBitterness, resentment,Violence, Judgement -All the things pandora's boxTried to protect us from. But in the end,We failed to useOur intellect and graspOf emotions to createA better world.The rich escaped the pangsOf pain that money … Continue reading the world’s at a standstill

Ode to Unbeautiful Things

Let's just be honestIt isn't pretty to talk aboutThe pain that crafted our futureNor got us to our present destination;It's considered ugly to grow up inPoverty, run down areas andSurrounded by wall fours thatTrapped toxicity instead of love. It wrenches your heart if we grow upBasic, without the luxury of designerAnd knowing what it's like … Continue reading Ode to Unbeautiful Things

I’m scared

i think committmentscares me when i thinkabout it for too long;and i'm not talking aboutloyalty or always choosingthem over the temptation.i'm not talking exclusively about love or lust, but rather the committment tolast whether as friends, loversor some kind of meaningful yetdistant bond. how can someone thatstruggles to stay committedto themselves not be scaredof latching … Continue reading I’m scared

i hope you get used to the silence

a couple of drunken missed calls and a voicemaillater you've got mein your clutches again;you took away timethat i'll never get back,and now you're blaming me for being alone,void of companionshipand affection. i wish that someone had told me that it's not a sin to discard peoplewho wreak havocand play with your life as if … Continue reading i hope you get used to the silence