i promise

i promise to imprison my thoughts within me because heaven forbid your world mustn't be set on fire; i promise to choke my emotions until i'm doll-like and i promise to master the art of being your puppet. i'll learn to dance in the blood that pools around my heart and i am here to … Continue reading i promise


do they?

mourning for a life you've only touched in dreams; weeping for a heart that flutters at the things we all take for granted; no one suspects no one knows no one sees you choking gasping being throttled by delusionary hands tightening their grip as you refuse to poison your soul with the medicine and therapy … Continue reading do they?

an ugly mask

it lives inside me and eats away at my soul yet i refuse to feed it and instead douse it in hope - that one day things will be different. i struggle to breathe without tasting bitterness and it takes a lot of rewiring to replace that anguish with dreams patched up with stitches of … Continue reading an ugly mask


i strain against the invisible memories suffocating me, choking me, denying me of air; i purge myself of all the things that anchor me down. i don't try to hold on, instead i let the relief wash over me and cleanse my soul with the tenderness that comes alongside letting go of the haunting past; … Continue reading catharsis

your love

your words, they serenade me and they pour honey over my salted wounds; your gaze pieces me back together with the love you hold for me.   you see perfection within the chaos of imperfection that swims within me; your laughter, it heals what time cannot.   your warmth, it doesn't burn me or set … Continue reading your love