somebody real

before I fall, catch me quick, watch me stumble and lend me a hand amidst the dark but if your need to stay is governed by pity i ask you to Leave. don’t look back, don't offer me an olive branch and tell me you got me when all i’m looking for is a little … Continue reading somebody real

lone wolf

The phone Lies abandoned And when Her eye casts Over it she doesn't Expect To see the seductive Flashing of notifications To be read. She stays offline Aeroplane mode Pattering keyboard fingers dead Vibrating buzzes of messages silent The flickering light of notifications resting Voice calls sleeping Network disconnected´ The person you are trying to … Continue reading lone wolf

and only then

you don't knowthat you've beenbetrayeduntil you feelshards of glassinside your thoughtsand you beginto make yourselfat homewith the sinkingmotioninside your heart thatrefuses to cease. it's when yourmindcan finally replay thosebroken memorieson a loopwithout tastingheartache or sadnessbut more ofan anguished sorrownessthat they drew thedagger on youand thatyou let them stabyou. because that's thesad part ofbetrayal - we … Continue reading and only then

guardian angel

she knows how to mend my heart without tape and glue and heal my wounds without stitches and thread; she knows how to guard my back without reaching for a knife and she knows how to shelter me from danger without buying me a house. she treats me without adorning me in silver and gold; … Continue reading guardian angel

demon child

i'm a demon child who has perfected leaving a trail of destruction where she dares to walk; my heart - it beats to the tears you spill; my veins surge with wrath and i happily remember to take another breathe because the spite in me wants to see the agony i cause with the fires … Continue reading demon child