and i’ve decided

this poem was inspired by one of jeremy zucker's song called 'i'm not your fucking friend.' this song really spoke to me, as do most of his songs. in particular the line 'darling watch me disappear, ignorance is bliss i hear, i have always been sincere to you' stood out to me. whilst/before reading this … Continue reading and i’ve decided

i was a fool

i was a fool for letting myself believe, letting myself feel that warm embrace of love but that's all it ever was - an embrace that would slowly loose its touch. i began to get wrapped tighter in its hands, began to believe that maybe i was wrong about me, maybe you'll help me prove … Continue reading i was a fool

lone wolf

The phone Lies abandoned And when Her eye casts Over it she doesn't Expect To see the seductive Flashing of notifications To be read. She stays offline Aeroplane mode Pattering keyboard fingers dead Vibrating buzzes of messages silent The flickering light of notifications resting Voice calls sleeping Network disconnected´ The person you are trying to … Continue reading lone wolf

and only then

you don't knowthat you've beenbetrayeduntil you feelshards of glassinside your thoughtsand you beginto make yourselfat homewith the sinkingmotioninside your heart thatrefuses to cease. it's when yourmindcan finally replay thosebroken memorieson a loopwithout tastingheartache or sadnessbut more ofan anguished sorrownessthat they drew thedagger on youand thatyou let them stabyou. because that's thesad part ofbetrayal - we … Continue reading and only then