Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020

Hellooo!How are you all doing? Wishing you all a very happy new year, and sending you lots of love and good vibes! Today's post is going to involve some graphs and stats, and a look back on my blogging journey. Ever since my blog, and interaction levels began to grow, I've been curious to analysis … Continue reading Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020

wrapping 2019 up

Sup, it's your ghost of a girl, Kiya.So I thought I'd do a yearly wrap-up just so I can see how much I've progressed. Since I left school, it feels like time just blur, blur, blurs into an intangible mess. It's constantly juggling this and that with that and this, (anyone know what I mean?) … Continue reading wrapping 2019 up