About Me

hey there, i’m kiya! i’m seventeen at the time of writing this and i’m going to do my best not to bore you to death. i’m assuming you’re here because you want to stalk me further. well sadly for you i want to keep my anonymity for the time being. i really don’t fancy being hunted down and kidnapped or becoming the next plotline in some book or show ya know.


oh by the way, i should probably just give you a little warning that this page is going to disobey the laws of capitalisation

i think my mind is mostly wired to being creative in some way. and also being an emotional sentimental sap. i’m not that good at art but i like doodling away in multiple sketchbooks at once it’s a bit like notebooks you see a pretty one you persuade mum to buy it and then before you know it you have a collection of notebooks so you begin using them all so they all feel loved. oh and i can’t paint. at all.


i love playing the piano. i can get lost in the notes quite easily sometimes quite literally when i loose track of my position in the sheet music. it’s not unusual for me to add another instrument to learn in my lifetime on a regular basis. right now the priority is for me to somehow get my hands on an organ, harp and guitar the ukulele has to do for now  songs about real issues get to me especially when it’s a rap it makes my heart weep just a little i also quote song lyrics a lot in real life and virtually 


it was really hard to take that photo by the way

speaking of photos, i love snapping away despite the fact only one in a couple hundred look decent i think me and photography have a trial and error sort of relationship

i’m instantly drawn to vintage themes, lights, nature, just things that sometimes raise an eyebrow there and here like the time my photo of some wooden washing pegs got 200+likes


i love walking around and exploring historical places, or just walking amongst the quiet beauty of nature. flowers never really seem to get tired of posing for me although the wind does like to mess around with me and invite the flowers to sashay side to side


and whilst we’re at it, me and animals don’t get on very well or rather i view every animal with suspicion as if they’re gonna attack me i prefer to admire cute animals from afar when given the option. sometimes animals don’t appreciate my personal bubble and decide to throw themselves at me. dogs, birds, cats, ducks in particular.


oh my goodness did i get this far without mentioning i love reading it’s seriously unhealthy how easily i get attached to fictional characters and worlds and how emotionally invested i get i also have an obsession with writing poems regardless of if it’s too metaphorical or too nonsensical and i’m forever being jealous of people who can write so beautifully and have mastered calligraphy and maintaining beautiful bullet journals and yes all the smudges and how unaligned everything is below and the simplicity of each letter is also causing me much internal pain oh did i mention i can be quite melodramatic at times just for fun but no seriously minor things like smudges or crinkles or spelling something wrong in my handwritten work can seriously vex me out greatly 


i like baking too and sometimes accidentally burning myself because i never seem to understand oven equals hot equals pain i’m also a fussy eater and drinker and can sometimes take hours to eat


wow i think i’ve finally run out of things to say about me this is the most talking about me me i’ve done in a while


the world can be a cold, cold place at times. but don’t ever let that kill your hope. i can always be that somebody to hold your hand whilst your world falls apart. so if you’re in need of someone to just listen to you or say something stupid to make you smile i’m quite good at saying the randomest things at times feel free to reach out to me or you know, you might think i’m awesome enough to follow me on my blogging journey

so i guess that’s it for this page

p.s did i forget to mention i can fulfil the criteria of cheesy quite well? 

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kate says:

    Reading this, I’ve learned two more things we’re twinning: quoting song lyrics anytime and being melodramatic just for fun (my bro’s my regular audience for this)
    Also OMG KIYAAAA allow me these few minutes to just fangirl over that silhouette of yours with the umbrella. It makes you look so mysterious and the atmosphere… wow! I am IN LOVE! 😍
    AND THAT LAST PARAGRAPH. You are NO DOUBT a professional heart-melter. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      I’m not even surprised anymore at how much we twin; I just embrace it now. And plus now we can have lyrical conversations and be drama unicorns whenever we please 😇
      Aw THANK YOU YOUR credits go to my mum for having the patience to keep clicking away until I was content with the result.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kate says:

        Ohh! Lyrical conversations and drama unicorns! Two of the BEST phrases to ever exist 💕
        Yes, we’ve already established your mom is awesome, much like her daughter 😁
        Ehehe I’m sure you’d melt me first before I get to melt the rest of the world 😇


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  5. idarasjournal says:

    So excited to have found you!!! Well thanks for commenting on my blog of not I wouldn’t have! Your blog excites me, I have gone round enough to know we have a bunch of things in common! Hello to my new favorite blog 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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