winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

Winter Wonderland


My black dress gracefully swept across the blanket of snow as I devoured the beautiful scenery of life.  I scraped my nails to the frost as they crystallised. They looked so beautiful, yet it reminded me how we all destroyed ourselves as we chased after perfection. Perfection is something that is ut of our hands. Feeling myself fall prey to the deep thoughts of life, I took in the winter wonderland scenery and sighed in content.

This was perfect. This was the perfect place where I could lose myself to the dreams of my life and be the Maiden of Life in a landscape where the cold ruled with a tight hand of death. I let the cloud of gentle snow bathe me in its glorious chill as my thoughts drifted away like wisps of smoke. My mouth frowned in discomfort as I realised how winter drove an ice plate through my heart, restraining it from loving as deep, and laughing as loud.


I drank in all the painful details. How the cold froze the lake, the flower petals died their solemn death and how the birds flew away to another land where they could chirp freely. I could feel my eyes tear up, and the cold hungrily encapsulating the little warmth my body clung to. I was taken away, far away, beyond imagination, although my two feet stay stuck firm to the glistening ground of snow.

The bitterness of Winter was eating away at my skin but my soul was thawing; no it would not let darkness creep over because the passion within me to smile, to jump, to spread love was so strong, it couldn’t be killed by winter itself. The cold darkened around me; it fed on my confidence, my security and my doubts but I stood sturdy. No. I would not let it take away my identity.

Winter can be dark. But winter can be beautiful too. The light flickering in your eyes that reflects onto the iced grass blades is the light that comes from deep within you. It comes from your soul; from you. A touch of hope is what sparks the energy in life. Something so powerful, it can guide you through the ghastly shadows to a place you feel yourself.

I tugged at my dress as I stumbled my way through the desolate winter wonderland. Even though the brambles tore at my skin, and the dew soaked into my feet, I stumbled on through the obscuring trees. I couldn’t foreshadow my future, but I could foreshadow the pride I would feel at making it through this cold, cold night.

I observed that the branches were bare and empty but I knew that wouldn’t last long because light always found a way into people’s hearts. No matter how fiery the sun is, it never burns us down to ashes, instead it keeps us warm and provides us with resources, and no matter how weary it is of its repetitive cycle, the sun never keeps us in darkness for long. It always loyally rises in the west and it leaves us a guardian friend, the moon, to watch over us in our sleep.

The snow hugged the hem of my dress as I let the light of my life set fire to my winter wonderland as winter slowly began turning into spring.

I am fearless, and this is my gift to you, as you stand surrounded by a winter wonderland.

My gift to you is hope.

Take it and make your wonderland beautiful.

Today’s post is brought to you by Miss Amazing and myself.  Isn’t she such an incredible writer? We had so much fun writing this out together, and we both want to wish you guys a very happy December and to remind you to go into the New Year with hope – plenty of hope, because you are all incredible people filled with incredible ambitions that you can all achieve.



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