i will fly

life just seems to free fall around me  as i sit in the passenger seat watching  someone else write  my story. i kick my heels and strain against the dirt  piling up against me can't   won't don't  want to grip onto these shackles; they wind round my wrists and  keep me captive. i am frozen … Continue reading i will fly

what’s freedom

What's freedom When you're taught to fly within a gilded cage What's inner peace When you learn to subdue your inner torments Where's individualism When you tailor your traits to the norm How are you free If every action is puppeted by the opinions of others Can you truly say You've had a taste of … Continue reading what’s freedom

dying dreams

Write a response less than 750 words based on the following sentence: You look into the mirror, only to see that it isn’t your reflection staring back at you, but... You look into the mirror only to see that it isn't your reflection staring back at you, but all your broken dreams and shattered hopes. … Continue reading dying dreams