Our Blogging Scene ft Anna

Hey there everyone!

We hope you’ve all had a fairly interesting and productive week, and hopefully a relaxing weekend around the corner. Today, the wonderfully friendly and awesome blogger Anna from Diversion3000 is with me, and we present to you Our Blogging Scene

We shall begin with some photos of Anna’s blogging environment, and since I am a curious child, I shall ask her some questions.


That looks like one cool setup for blogging Anna. Why don’t you introduce us to it?

This has been my workplace – if I can call it that – since a long time ago. First only my dad worked here, my mom isn’t really a fan of technology, but she still uses it. Then, when I started growing up I started coming here every once in a while to search just random funny stuff on the internet.

Since I started my blog, I would come here everyday!! I could even live and sleep under the table. Funny story: Actually when I was like 6 or 7, I would play and hide there for HOURS! I was a little weirdo at the time (yeah, at the time ). I think I just love this place! Also, there’s really good illumination in my living room most of the time so it’s also really comfortable to work here.

I can never really remember what the first time I did on the internet was, nor can I remember when and how I discovered Youtube :/ Aw that is so adorable – hide and seek ruled as a kid! I mean I still occasionally play it . . . Is there anything you would add to your workplace?

I don’t know, I’d like to add a lamp to read when it’s dark at night. I already have one, but I always forget.  Other than that, maybe I wouldn’t add anything. Well, maybe a coffee maker but I’m pretty clumsy, so that’s not a good idea.

Clumsy eh – I can relate to that adjective quite well at times. Hmmm well is there anything you dislike?

It may sound kinda arrogant, but I don’t think so, I actually like it a lot! It’s a very comfortable place!
Nope, not at all. Just content with life ;D How did you choose your laptop?

Actually my parents chose it.  I’m fine with any kind of laptop.

Aw, how sweet and grateful! Do you feel professional working away on your blog?

Ummm… maybe, kinda… yes? Ok, yes! I mean, most people I know only use their laptops to check social media and search GIFs on the internet, I guess I feel more serious and professional when I go through my laptop. Man, we bloggers got blogs to keep!

Do you plan your blog posts in advance or go with the flow? If so where do you plan it?

I think I plan most of them, I mean, the topic. I don’t really plan what I’m actually going to say. Only few times I’ve just gone with the flow. I think I should do it more often.

Are you planning on making your workplaces little festive?

Yeah! Me and my parents haven’t always had the classic big Christmas tree, we actually had a mini one, which we now keep in the attic. I was thinking of putting it next to my laptop to make it look more Christmasy – if I can call it that. Or maybe like, putting lights around it, I don’t know.
Yess, fairy lights would be so cute to have twinkling here and there. Do you work there alone or share it with a family member?

Yeah, actually I do. If you look at the pictures, you may kinda see another laptop behind mine. That’s my dad’s. It’s cool how we work in front of each other on our laptops, makes us feel like we’re in an office.

Is it normally this tidy? 

Uh, no LOL! It usually has many random papers and cables and pens all over the place. I remember putting everything away before taking the picture!!

Haven’t we all had that moment when we’ve had to frantically tidy something up for a photograph or a visitor. I’ll stop quizzing you now and instead share with you my blogging scene, although it’s pretty boring compared to yours.


Firstly I just want to mention how I’ve literally picked up all the items I use for my blog and then tried to create a somewhat decent photograph scene. So no, I sadly don’t have a (neon?) orange table, or a flower print table. The room I normally blog in has blue walls, blue curtains and a blue lamp. Oh and I sit on a green chair which has a really comfy cushion on it. 

How often do you go on your workplace?

I practically live there when I’m at home.

Does anyone else work there too or is it just yours?

Mostly me and occasionally my brother when we’re not arguing over who is hogging the table.

I love the butterfly notebook you have there, what do you use it for? Blogging?

Aw thank you! It’s mostly filled with creative pieces and a few photographs of which a few I decide to turn into blog posts. I have a folder on my laptop with blog post ideas and also a notebook on my mobile dedicated to blogging.

How long does it take you normally to write a post?

It depends. I think the longest I spend on a blog post is an hour. If I know it’s going to be a lengthy post, I work on it over a few days.

Do you usually go on your workplace to blog in the mornings/nights/afternoon?

The majority of the time my blog is updated after school, so during the course of the evening. I respond to comments and read blogs whenever I find myself with some free time.

Do you make brainstorms to make posts or do ideas just pop in your head?

If I have an oh my gosh, I need to blog about this moment, I add it to my blog ideas list on my phone.

How many pictures does your camera have in the memory right now?

Aha, that’s a nice question. I currently have 986 photographs on it.

And finally, the same question as you, is it always this tidy?

Considering I tidy the table up before I sleep and whenever I pack and unpack my school bag, I’d like to think it’s pretty tidy. I don’t like clutter, but I love spacing my work out when studying.

And that’s a wrap for today’s post. I would love to thank Anna so much for collabing with me. If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, I’d highly recommend this unique post by Anna.

What’s your blogging scene like?

Till next time, take care!


13 thoughts on “Our Blogging Scene ft Anna

  1. Regina5000 says:

    Yay!! XD Thank you so much again for the collab (probably the hundredth time I’ve said it), I had a lot of fun doing it with you!! I love your answers! ❤
    And thank you so much for recommending one of my posts, you're really sweet!! XD
    P.S. Looking forward for the collab on my blog!! XD ❤

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