December Top 10 ft Kate


Hey everybody!

I am excited to present yet another collaboration post with the marvellous Kate from allthetrinkets. You guys should all take a second to follow her blog, her stunning pieces of artwork, and finally her awesome photography account here and her newly created art one here. For further Christmas related posts, be sure to click follow to subscribe for more with your email. And without further ado, here are ten things you must do in December!

1) Take A Break

You guys, it’s December!

Aka: Holidays!

Aka: No work or school, yay!

So take a break. I know people who are so amazingly hard-working and they inspire me. But some go too far and keep on working even during the holidays.

If you’re one of them: Dude. Come on. You’re not just being a holiday pooper, you’re also torturing your own body–physically, mentally, emotionally and Christmasly. Give yourself at least the week during Christmas to just drink cocoa and exchange presents or something. Speaking of gifts…

2) Give Something

This isn’t exclusively for December but the essence of Christmas is to give something. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt to eat delicious food that my mom specially prepares during Christmas dinner.) It doesn’t have to be extremely huge like give a million dollars to the poor. I mean, we’re not as rich as Bill Gates. But you can do it through little things. Maybe give a friend something he/she wanted. Maybe you can give your family some time you can spend together.

3) Invest in Sweaters

Unless in your part of the world it’s hot in December, sweaters are a must. Even if I live in a tropical country, I still have to because by the time November comes around my entire body is frozen. I’m susceptible to cold, just throwing in a random fact there.

4) Join in the Festivities

Whether it’s a Christmas party at school or work, or participating in Yule Tide or maybe you can celebrate virtually (like what we’redoing here ;)) December is jam-packed with lots of festivities in different religions, culture, and place, and that includes the Interwebs. Join in the fun and get into the holiday spirit!

5) Treat yo’ self

This is related to #1. There are lots of sales and special promos and events during December. You have your pick of anything you want and it’ll be good to relax at least once in a year. And December is the perfect month for that. 😀

6) Appreciate the Nature

A lot of us grumble about the bitter cold that bites at us as we venture outside, but we forget all about the beauty that can be found in bare branches, and one trees standing proud. What about the flickering of office lights, or the street lighting on country lanes and the lines of red brake lights on the motorway. It’s almost become our default to scream SNOW OMG IT’S BEAUTIFUL but guys, let’ take a walk outside or even snuggled up by the sofa and appreciate the crackling of the firewood, and steaming cocoa cup.

7) Reflect, Revaluate and Slay

So December is a reminder that another year is almost done and dusted which can only mean one thing – drowning in waves of nostalgia. It’s nice to think back and remember the memories of xyz and how it made you feel, but it’s also a good time to allow the shadows of regret and negative emotions to resurface for a tiny moment in order for us to realise how we can approach the new year with a revamped attitude. December is the time to change your game plan and head into the new year with an adapted strategy and the time to put into play new tactics. It’s also the time to prepare yourself to SLAY in the upcoming year.

8) Get creative

December is that time of the year, when for most of us, there is a sympathetic lull in workload and pressure. This calls for us all to get creative whether that be baking, drawing, singing, writing, or whatever rocks your sleigh. This automatically ties into having some time to yourself and relaxing away from working yourself to the bones.

9) Surrender yourself to the festive vibes

Indulge in Christmas movies, seasonal songs, food and discussions. It only comes around once a year, so why not make the most of it?

10) Spread the love

And last but not least, tell the people that make your world go round that you love them. December shouldn’t be the only time that you show affection, yet it is a time special time of the year when everybody, even the ones that keep reserved, spread the warmth that is called appreciation, thankfulness and happiness. December is a month where these feelings are more prominent and more visible so why don’t you join in and make someone’s December smile that little bit more brighter?

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