What Christmas Character are you? Ft Allie

  Hey there everyone! How are you all doing today? Are you feeling festive? Are you  counting down the days to Christmas? Are you ready to take a festive quiz created by the wonderful Allie and myself? If the answer is yes, grab yourself something to write with and something to write on. There are … Continue reading What Christmas Character are you? Ft Allie

winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

Winter Wonderland My black dress gracefully swept across the blanket of snow as I devoured the beautiful scenery of life.  I scraped my nails to the frost as they crystallised. They looked so beautiful, yet it reminded me how we all destroyed ourselves as we chased after perfection. Perfection is something that is ut of … Continue reading winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

Confessions of a Book Addict 

​ ​Hey there and welcome to today's first ever collaboration post on my blog featuring the fantastic Kate from Plethoric Thoughts, and together we bring you Confessions of a Book Addict! Enjoy 😉 We can't speak for all the bookworms. And you're gonna think we're a whole new level of weird after reading this. But oh well... … Continue reading Confessions of a Book Addict