dear humanity

dear humanity why do we fight amongst ourselves and wound each other with metaphorical daggers that miss  our heart, and instead puncture our lungs and cause us to labour out painful breaths that tinge memories with more than a pinch of salt? why can we not accept that everyone is equal regardless of skin, gender, … Continue reading dear humanity

wrapping 2019 up

Sup, it's your ghost of a girl, Kiya.So I thought I'd do a yearly wrap-up just so I can see how much I've progressed. Since I left school, it feels like time just blur, blur, blurs into an intangible mess. It's constantly juggling this and that with that and this, (anyone know what I mean?) … Continue reading wrapping 2019 up

just hold on 

trying to heal yourself  using the same broken pieces  trying to restitch  wounds that open again and again  using salty tears and already weakened threads so what if I'm not everything I'm supposed to be  right now  whilst I'm trying  to savalge the best in me  when all that's coming to light  are the flaws … Continue reading just hold on