that one time 

​that one time you sat there thinking about everything  whilst the world kept orbiting the sun yet your world wasn't getting any warmer or any brighter or anywhere and that one time  you felt so alone yet the hustle of people threatened to suffocate you yet we felt so alone because no one seemed to … Continue reading that one time 

Favourite Part about Blogging Collab

Hey there everyone! PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH NO RETURNS (I'm so mature aren't I) Today I am excited to announce that I am taking part in the Favourite Part About Blogging collab hosted by the wonderful Shania who has such an amazing blog.  So without further ado, let's get into the post! She … Continue reading Favourite Part about Blogging Collab

winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

Winter Wonderland My black dress gracefully swept across the blanket of snow as I devoured the beautiful scenery of life.  I scraped my nails to the frost as they crystallised. They looked so beautiful, yet it reminded me how we all destroyed ourselves as we chased after perfection. Perfection is something that is ut of … Continue reading winter wonderland ft Miss Amazing

We’re Looking Forward to ft Tanya

Hey there, Isn’t it fair to say, at the beginning of a new month, there are always things to look forward to because every month holds a specific sentiment for you that can’t be found elsewhere? Well, today, myself and Tanya from Scribbled Dreams will be unravelling what we are looking forward to this December. … Continue reading We’re Looking Forward to ft Tanya