Tell me where it hurts

Tell me where it hurts
The Doctor asked and
I had no idea how to comprehend
And explain the injuries
I have sustained from years
Of observing and growing up
In a world where freedom and oppression coexist.

I had to idea on how
To express the misery
I felt acknowledging
That caste, wealth, colour, race, gender, faith
Still influenced how our fate
Played out;
I didn’t know how to
Pinpoint and specify
Where the aching started and ended
When I relived the stories
Of angels taken before our time
Due to hatred that was
Nourished so well it outpowered love.

Doctor, it’s killing me.

Inside, I feel numb to
The joys of life
Because I have this
To change the burdens of this world
But I am unable to as an individual
And I fear
Society as a whole
Has become so poisoned
It’s gone past redemption’s
Forgiving limits.

My conscience is struggling
To live with that,
My heart doesn’t want to
Bear it
So I suppose Doctor –
That’s where it hurts.

Tell me, where does it hurt?

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