A Writer

A writer is someone
Who in parallel universes
Prisons fictional characters
Crafted from reality;
They’re criminals who
Spend hours scheming on
How to implode people’s
Perfectly imperfect lives
Into torturous fragments.

Nothing is felt –
No guilt as people are killed off,
And no shame nor remorse
As the writer stands
Holding white lilies,
Head bowed in prayer
As others’ hearts weep in sorrow,
They’re already plotting more misery.

A writer is meticulous in their ways
And unforgiving in nature;
The havoc they wreak with their words
Stem from the chaos in their mind
That something unleashed.
A vortex of leaked emotions
Steer the hand that write,
A burden of memories
Shape the final draft
And a desire to satisfy an empty void
Brings the writer to you.

And just like that, our writer
Becomes a character from
A story that remains
Untold to Us.

What is a writer to you?

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