How did This happen

And before I know it
The winter cold is here,
And the wildlife are
Crying to be kept alive
As harsh winds, and sombre skies
Take over.

That’s another year I let pine away
Whilst I let myself drown in
The clutches of my despair
That competes with the
Tranquillity and pride
That comes with the
Smug self-satisfaction of
Making yourself the
Master of your dreams.

Sunsets composed of vibrant
Shades of joy
Turned to dust in my eyes;
The melodic chirping
And gurgling of nature
All of a sudden
Seemed to be in the minor key.
The breeze that makes
The heart feel so airy
And the mind so free
Seems to chase me down
Into alleys of darkness
And freeze me in

Time is drawing to
An end, and I
Feel the furthest
From the end yet
So ready for it all –
How did this happen?

A/N What’s one thing that makes you think “how did this happen”

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5 thoughts on “How did This happen

  1. wonder hunter says:

    This resonates with me so strongly, this feeling of wasting away that is sometimes delayed by the cheerfulness of the spring and beauty of its nature, but comes back the moment the skies turn a more familiar colour. Beautiful piece of work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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