Winter Confessions ft Nitapan

Hey there everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Today I am joined by the marvellous Nitapan; she is incredible with words and has many poems that you can read here. To nicely finish off my collaboration series for Blogmas we shall be ending with some Winter Confessions. When it starts snowing, I can … Continue reading Winter Confessions ft Nitapan

Merry Christmas

​The breeze whispers quietly tonight as it let's the stars twinkle in appreciation the chimes of the Church, and the toll of the warmth of love The snow glistens like treasure Or maybe the sun sets the landscape alight  Releasing the spirit of all things jolly and merry so have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and let … Continue reading Merry Christmas

We’re Looking Forward to ft Tanya

Hey there, Isn’t it fair to say, at the beginning of a new month, there are always things to look forward to because every month holds a specific sentiment for you that can’t be found elsewhere? Well, today, myself and Tanya from Scribbled Dreams will be unravelling what we are looking forward to this December. … Continue reading We’re Looking Forward to ft Tanya

Playlist: Winter Vibes ft Marioness

Hello everyone! Today’s collaboration post is featuring the wonderful Marioness (can we all just take a moment to appreciate the name) and we shall be discussing our Christmas playlists because whether we celebrate Christmas or not, the music with the jingle bells and melodic tinkering makes us all excited for snow and of course the … Continue reading Playlist: Winter Vibes ft Marioness

Dear Reader

Dear reader, To all the bullies out there, who take pleasure in intimidation and crippling someone's life up, if you're filled with anguish at yourself or your life, who gave you the right to ruin someone else's? One would only imagine you would be able to empathise with your victim. To the strong warriors surviving … Continue reading Dear Reader