Ode to Unbeautiful Things

Let’s just be honest
It isn’t pretty to talk about
The pain that crafted our future
Nor got us to our present destination;
It’s considered ugly to grow up in
Poverty, run down areas and
Surrounded by wall fours that
Trapped toxicity instead of love.

It wrenches your heart if we grow up
Basic, without the luxury of designer
And knowing what it’s like to set foot
On new land every other holiday season;
To celebrate the bare minimum of
Having a roof as shelter, enough food
To prevent being a walking skeleton
And being able to access education
Is seen as being starved of
living the good life.

To be able to coexist with the darkness
Of broken homes and broken countries,
And not be phased by how
The world caters and serves to those with
Power and wealth
Yet have the hunger to do better
Isn’t seen as attractive;
Instead we gatekeep the path to success
And admonish those who weep
Openly or talk about their struggles
Because it’s not desirable –
“You shouldn’t think of those times,
Put it behind you, life is good now.”

It’s these tainted parts of life
That society discards to one
Side that gives you character;
You wouldn’t know resilience,
Courage, or what it’s like to fend
For yourself without facing the

You wouldn’t be able to dream
Of the beauty that bewitches those
With an abundance of money
And the power granted to one
By the accessibility of knowledge
Or the doors unlocked by privilege;
You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the
Value of the sacrifices or the hardwork
That goes into elevating one’s self
Nor have the compassion to
Give equal weighting to those
Surrounded by unbeautiful things.

So here’s an ode to all the
Unbeautiful Things
That society thinks
Tips the scale against your favour
When in reality these
Unbeautiful Things
Shaped you into
A beautiful masterpiece
That no artist can replicate.

We’re untouchable and
Our spirit can’t be
Brought so let’s
Revel in that as dusk
Turns to dawn.

This prompt was from obtained from Lantern Review.

What’s one thing you consider unbeautiful or society tells you isn’t beautiful but you think otherwise?


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