Ode to Unbeautiful Things

Let's just be honestIt isn't pretty to talk aboutThe pain that crafted our futureNor got us to our present destination;It's considered ugly to grow up inPoverty, run down areas andSurrounded by wall fours thatTrapped toxicity instead of love. It wrenches your heart if we grow upBasic, without the luxury of designerAnd knowing what it's like … Continue reading Ode to Unbeautiful Things

ARC REVIEW: London Seance Society

Hello! This ARC (advanced reader copy) was kindly gifted to me by Netgalley. And don't worry, ARC reviews will always be spoiler free so no need to run! Initial thoughts I'm a sucker for whodunnit plots, and even more so when the setting is in two countries close to heart - England and France. I … Continue reading ARC REVIEW: London Seance Society

book review: the undesirable by david boling

BACKGROUND || This book is a historical novel that relives and educates us about the Boer war from the perspective of a fourteen year old girl. SYNOPSIS || While the vastly outnumbered Boer commandos fight in the field, half a million British soldiers torch a flaming path across the South African veld. As they go, … Continue reading book review: the undesirable by david boling