that’s hilarious

you took away three years
and threw it away
like it was nothing;
guess you finally
turned into someone
you promised you’d
never be – that’s hilarious.

except i’m laughing
to keep the tears at bay
and to forget the sting
of betrayal;
look at the way our world
has eclipsed,
you now block out the
light and leave me
in darkness.

and then turn me
into a fool
by walking away
whilst lying through
your teeth – we’re going
to be fine you said –
i gave you the chance
you didn’t deserve,
a part of me wanted our
friendship back even though
it was buried six feet deep
and the flowers i planted,
you let wither and rot
away without a care.

you took away
my respect for you,
what’s stolen can’t be
what’s broken i’ll chuck on
the bonfire and burn.

i threw away the white lilies –
mourning is over
so i won’t cry no more;
you didn’t care when
you had the power
to save us
so farewell to our

i won’t look back,
there’s nothing to miss,
your absence doesn’t hit hard.
how can i feel for
someone who writes
off a friendship with such ease?

you didn’t care when
you had me,
we did what we swore
we wouldn’t –
we’ve turned our backs
on each other –
that’s kinda funny
given how we met.

and i laugh
because when you
search for me, i won’t be
where you left me;
i’ve cut all the loose
ends and i don’t care
anymore, about you,
about us.

it’s hilarious
because i let
myself get scorched
on your behalf,
loyal to the end
but you’re a runner,
you can’t be serious,
you dropped me like
a deadweight the moment
knowing me became an
inconvenience to your

one day,
you might regret
and want our friendship
back, but i’ve finally
realised i don’t need
it, and that’s why
i’m walking away
without a glance
over my shoulder –
may our friendship
rest in peace.


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