time is the best gift


I think the best present you can give someone is time. Your time to be precise.

Time is precious and once it is gone, there is no getting it back – there is no lengthening time, no making extra time in our lives. Maybe that’s why we cherish memories because it speaks of a time we can no longer have, yet time’s effect remains stamped in our minds forever.

And that’s a special quality of time. The fact that it is constantly ticking, and moving us into the future yet at the same time, the impact of time given as a gift can last a lifetime.

By that, I don’t mean drop everything that is going for you and focus all your time on everyone else. No, that wouldn’t be exactly healthy. Instead you should spend your time wisely on improving yourself, loving yourself and living the life; however, it would also be a bonus to give your time away to others too.

How can you give your time away I hear you ask (let’s pretend that you are) when it’s impossible to go into a store and find a shelf labelled time? Well, let me give you a few ideas.

  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Supporting people when they are at their lowest
  • Celebrating milestones together
  • Volunteering within your local community
  • Helping others and offering assistance
  • Taking the time to respond with a meaningful message
  • Engaging with people
  • Getting to know people
  • Showing appreciation with kind gestures
  • Raising awareness for various causes

There are so many people in this world that will be ever so grateful for the positive impact you create in someone else’s life with your time.

I think dedicating your time to others is a wonderful token of compassion, of love and a great way to spread the smile of warmth in other’s lives.

How do you give someone your time?

Keep smiling beautiful


25 thoughts on “time is the best gift

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    This post is so thoughtful and true…I don’t even know how I give my time to people. I mean, I help charities and spend time with family and friends, and try to be helpful to causes at school. But this has made me think that I need to do more useful things with my time, instead of sitting in my room with a laptop all the time…❤xx

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  2. Kate says:

    Psssst I love your graphic and the photo you used on this one 😄 also, do you happen to know what font you used for your name? I maaaay have been looking everywhere for that font 😅
    This is another awesome post, Kiya! And I think is a great reminder to everyone on the value of time 🙂 I give time to my family by having a healthy conversation with them, to my friends it’s by listening to their problems and helping them out as best I can 😊

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    • flawedsilence says:

      Aww thank you Kate. It’s actually the necklace my bestie got me and ain’t it gorgeous? And of course, I will check for you tonight and let you know asap – I feel so important now when in reality this was all accidental discovery 😂😂

      Awww thank you once again amazing 😘 that’s a wonderful way to give away your time – the very best by being there for people!

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      • Kate says:

        Yas GORGEOUS! I was looking closely at it, at those cool engravings, and thought, *whispers* what if it’s from another world? It looks like it should be on a fantasy world 😆
        Aww thank you but, Kiya, you ARE important even without the mystery font 😊💕

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      • flawedsilence says:

        *in a hushed voice* maybe it’s like from some place far away, yet to be discovered… maybe I’m supposed to listen to it’s gentle beat and follow its music 🎶

        Ah I knew I forgot to mention something in my email to you 😑 I shall remember tomorrow…

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      • Kate says:

        I was literally staring at your comment for like five minutes, trying to guess if that was a reference to a song or something you just made up (because of course you’re great at words 😉)
        But I give up 😂 Don’t stress yourself too much over it though! I’m sure if the mystery font wants to reveal itself *Gandalf voice* it shall reveal itself.


  3. Regina5000 says:

    I loved this post and it’s so true!! People don’t talk about it much but time really is amazing and very precious! You really know someone cares when they give you their time!!
    Amazing!!! XD
    P.S. I luv the featured image! ❤

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  4. Elsie L.M.C says:

    Your writing is so captivating! Love your positivity and meaning put into the post. Not completely sure how I give time, I love going to places with my friends and family to make memories (if that counts 😂). I find it difficult to live in the moment sometimes and am always thinking of the past or future but I think it’s changing and I’m in the here and now 😂😄

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  5. butteryflys says:

    This post is both heartwarming and thoughtful…It made me really stop and think about how o devote my time to different things and people that I love. 12/10!
    Also, did you know that time is the the ninth dimension? (or something like that) everything in time is actually happening all at once, so right now I’m taking my final exams, getting married, dying, and the dinosaurs are alive. That’s something pretty amazing to think about!

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    • flawedsilence says:

      aw thank you so much! Honestly reading all your comments warmed my heart! I appreciate the time you took to do so!

      I actually have to now go and do some more research on the ninth dimension. I always find concepts and ideas like this so intriguing. That’s actually pretty cool to think about; it’s like parallel scenerios that take place in our lives simultaneously whilst we’re unaware of it.

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