you were the one

i was scared to love again; scared to be loved and to be in love until i met You. You made it so easy that before i knew it my heart was all yours and that thought didn't intimidate me - not one little bit. and i guess that's when i Knew that you were … Continue reading you were the one

he said i was perfect

he said i was perfect yet let his eyes wander to girls with more curves and prettier faces and educate me on what sexy is and told me not to worry - god has given us science, and there's nothing surgery can't fix; of course - that's if you're unhappy darling, with your body, he'd … Continue reading he said i was perfect

bby girl

bby girl, everything happens for a Reason and i know there's a void inside you right now that you cannot fathom to think about but i promise you bby girl you'll slowly find yourself seeing different shades of black and white and eventually a little bit of grey and then the tones will begin to … Continue reading bby girl

and i’ve decided

this poem was inspired by one of jeremy zucker's song called 'i'm not your fucking friend.' this song really spoke to me, as do most of his songs. in particular the line 'darling watch me disappear, ignorance is bliss i hear, i have always been sincere to you' stood out to me. whilst/before reading this … Continue reading and i’ve decided

lost forever

soundtrack: find what you're looking for - olivia o'brien please listen to the song in the background whilst reading the following this one's dedicated to all of you who have walked away from people with devastation in your heart. this one's dedicated to those of you who let someone go without realising what you were … Continue reading lost forever