Let me See

Let me seeHow your lover makesYou feel at easeWith the grief and sorrowsYou carry on your shoulders;Show me the exhilaratingFreedom you find inWhat used to be a shameful part Of your existenceWith your lover's Take on your life experiences. Demonstrate the purenessThat lives in your heartAnd the comfort in your soulAs the future that dawnsNo … Continue reading Let me See

i met a superhero

inspired by lauv's song superhero. please listen in the background whilst reading. would love to hear your thoughts ❤ sometimes people come into your lifeand make the shades of colouryou see so much prettier and enticing than it used to be;all of a sudden the comfort you find in chaosno longer seems appealing,and the long … Continue reading i met a superhero

bby girl

bby girl, everything happens for a Reason and i know there's a void inside you right now that you cannot fathom to think about but i promise you bby girl you'll slowly find yourself seeing different shades of black and white and eventually a little bit of grey and then the tones will begin to … Continue reading bby girl

and i’ve decided

this poem was inspired by one of jeremy zucker's song called 'i'm not your fucking friend.' this song really spoke to me, as do most of his songs. in particular the line 'darling watch me disappear, ignorance is bliss i hear, i have always been sincere to you' stood out to me. whilst/before reading this … Continue reading and i’ve decided