The beast of beauty


What is beauty?

Is it something that can be defined?

But how?

If the dictionary states that beauty is being attractive, how is it fair of us to decide what is beautiful, and what isn’t?

Who gave us the right to define beauty?

After all, isn’t judging beauty by an appearance quite artificil. . .beauty can be tied tightly to the old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

We live in a world where everyone fears not being beautiful – not being accepted as the norm. A society where everyone worries whether their eyebrows are on fleek, or the fact they haven’t hit the gym yet to slim down or bulk up.

We’re making ourselves look good for others.

It’s okay to glam up for yourselves, but it’s not okay to glam up in the hopes to live up to a standard. In order for someone to realise your beauty. Because why should you?

Why shouldn’t you look beautiful without concealing that spot?  Why does beauty have to be restrained only to materialistic traits. Clothes, makeup, accessories, shoes, hair styles.

Why can’t the definition of beauty be found in a hug, in someone’s thoughts, in their loving heart, and their caring gestures? Even the tear of joy, or the weep of sorrow can hide beauty – but only if you look hard enough.

Instead of complimenting people’s superficial attributes, begin commenting on substance. Let the definition of beauty start with the warm tingly feeling you submerge in when someone says something sweet, or does something thoughtful. Let beauty begin inside the heart and seep outside.

Let’s not be the people that forget about what’s on the inside and only hone down on wow girl, that dress looks stunning on you! Because yes it does look stunning, but isn’t there beauty in the way she supported you through a down in life?

I’m not against commenting on whether people look amazing appearance wise because hell I do it myself. But I’m against people not taking the time to appreciate someone’s characteristics. I’m against people not telling their loved ones they’re appreciated for more than their looks.

You never know how far a little x at the end of a message, or a random you’re so sweet, and your xyz skills are amazing can go in someone’s crappy day.

Make a change and make someone realise they’re wanted for more than their appearance.

And you, my dear reader, are incredibly sweet for being so supportive and reading this till the end xo

What is beauty to you? What is beautiful about you?


15 thoughts on “The beast of beauty

  1. Elm says:

    Beauty is thinking that someone has a great personality. It’s the little things they do, to brighten up yours – or someone else’s – day. The habits they have, thoughts they share and the way that they act towards others. Your post was amazing and really made me think 🙂

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