What about, what about, loving yourself?


This poem’s dedicated to the ones that need a reminder that the sorrows of your past doesn’t have to define you. Make your future stronger than the present, and your past weaker than your present. Yesterday doesn’t have to make you break down today; yesterday can teach you who not to trust, where not to visit, but most importantly yesterday can shape your today into the first day of knowing something new. The first day of you demonstrating the raw strength you possess. A chance for you to highlight to the ones that look down at you that you are independent. That you can move on. That you have courage. Yesterday brought pain, today creates memories, and the future holds you reflecting back with pride at the one time you ploughed on through the lashing rain. Amongst the bad times there always is a way to genuinely smile through it if you observe yourself with a less critical eye. It all begins with loving yourself. Accepting you have your flaws, made your mistakes, and took a blow gives you the power to overcome immense hatred of yourself. No one is perfect. Never was, and never will be. Learn to believe that.

When you feel you’ve done enough, so
Weary of trudging on that you’re
Falling prey to giving up,
Strain to snatch up that fine thread of resilience, just
Don’t let the numbness spread over.

Instead glide your wings out wide
That’s when the stars appear,
Twinkling from a far
A little glimpse of hope
Watching you over in times of darkness though glimmering as if to say don’t ever stop.

You might not believe yourself
If twelve million doubts swim in your mind,
But a contract of the will
To your soul
Will see you battering down the closed doors of consciousness,

Leave behind the things you want to let go
Trailing them along will burden your heart
As one day you’ll come to realise
That even though they talk to your back
They never had the courage to spit in your face,
Making you all the stronger walking around with a scarred spine.

Wrapped in chains
You’re the one stained as the one with the caged heart,
Don’t let the key slip
Slowly the chains will loosen and hit the gloom,
So don’t force it, these chains protect you.

Just the thought of
Makes me so mad,
Makes me rage with anger at myself for trusting you
Yet I learned to file it under could have been,
Cause at one point you wanted me.

I’ll be drowning in midst the thoughts of sorrow,
When they began throwing pebbles
Landing in midst my field of loneliness,
Adjusting is difficult but it’s real –
I got tired of drowning alone.

So even if you’re friends with the monsters,
And think you are what you feel
RIP to the shadow you used to be
Because you aren’t home bound,
Break free and save yourself,
Leaving a blank space where you used to leave your downs in life.

Even if you can’t conquer it,
Embrace yourself,
Stop holding your breath, it won’t fade away,
You’re still human so take it back to the days when you smiled a smile of joy,
Even if you can’t feel,
Maybe your eyes can shine instead at the memory –
What about, what about loving yourself first?






Creds to regina5000 for introducing me to an amazing new graphics website; however, I still haven’t mastered her skills for beautiful graphics at all. Her blog is amazing – you should head on over!

15 thoughts on “What about, what about, loving yourself?

  1. Elm says:

    This made me happy, because it showed me that I’m okay to be who I am, that the past and future DON’T define me and aren’t me. It’s what I do now that counts.

    Liked by 1 person

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