They can be found anywhere.

And they can show you in the best lights and sometimes beam down in your worst when life doesn’t go as scripted in your mind; they can accentuate your characteristics or portray your dreams, your fears  and your personality.

Yet it shouldn’t stop you from expressing them,

Or concealing them if you like it low key

(Totally me most times)

This post isn’t here to make you change the way you feel.

It’s just here because I felt like exploring emotions more..

Thinking back, I’ve surfed a wave of emotions throughout the past month.

There’s so much that’s been experienced already.

Maybe once,


Or thrice.

Some are lingering constantly whilst others lurk and drag you into the darkness where the stars stop shimmering

. . . but then there’s the sudden spark when something or someone or someplace reconnects you to your happiness

To yourself.

And I’m thankful that I have these special someone’s and something’s in my life –

Because without them,

Life would be a lot



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