Get to know us ft Miss Amazing

Today I am going to be posting a collab post with one of my sweetest cutest friends. I had SO much fun working with her and all her answers left me gushing at the cuteness. We’ll call her Miss Amazing because she is amazing. Pffft she’s remarkable πŸ˜‰ What am I saying. 

We decided to settle for a question and answer format post and we shall begin with my questions to Miss Amazing and her answers. 

1) What is your earliest memory of me?

    You running towards me up to my form in Year 10 (I think) to surprise me with a cute adorable teddy bear that you so lovingly bought for my birthday after me telling you a gazillion million times not to get me anything. You’re so cute and that teddy means so much to me. Thank you xx

Awww she even sent us a picture. Say hi to teddy everyone!

2) What makes our friendship so awesome?

    We always find a way to make each other smile, laugh and feel amazing. We check up on each other to make sure we’re okay and if not we pull out each others smiles so that it’s about to fall off of our faces. We always want the best for each other and help each other get to the very top. We tie each other with secrets and unite with our sister blood to keep us closer than close so that we never ever ever forget that all this is because our friendship is so AWESOME! x

Oh my gosh my heart is practically melting πŸ’•

 3) Can you share the latest drawing you’ve done with us please?

    Here you goooo…Now scream EWW and UGHH and R-UBBISH!!! aha xD

Let’s be real now – her art skills are impressive. I’m going to attach one of my favourite drawings by my friend too. Okay it was too hard to just show one 

 4) What memory cracks you up of our time together at school?

    You giving me the best device to use for my PEARL in English as ‘Snappy sentences’ then watching my face go :O, That really helped! Our secret escape back from the park where we lost everyone else during a pe lessom (found them later on)! Our non-stop teasing picturing our imaginative dream lives coming true through words aha. You being clumsy as ever 24/7 – cough bumping yourself into a wall trying to sit on a bench cough ;p And so much more…

5) Describe yourself in four adjectives.

     Creative, Hard-working, Friendly and Helpful?

Oh I agree 2000%

6) What is your favourite colour?

    Sweet baby pink and Aquamarine/turquoise

7) Favourite song right now

    Closer – The Chainsmokers

8)  So I know you watch TVD, what ships are you hoping will set sail?

     I have always and will always be a Stelena fan so definitely hoping Stefan and Elena get back together because awh they are so cuteeee x

9) What subject do you hate? Why?

    I never really liked History because it is so hard with all the dates and content you’ve got to remember then use that to apply to exam-style questions but surprisingly I managed to achieve an A for my GCSE result which I am very pleased with. But History is not a subject I am very fond of despite the interest of wanting to know what happened in the olden times. 

I’m so proud of you πŸ’•

10) The first item to your left is something you will have to defend yourself with from creepy crawlies. What is it?

      A long ruler! That’s actually a great defence weapon aha 

Ah I should have called you to deal with two spiders this morning, nearly showered with one 😭

11) A cruise on the sea, a hot air balloon ride or a trip in a submarine?  

     All sound great but maybe the hot air balloon ride because I have always wanted to fly and this is pretty close aha

12) Last book you read and what you thought about it?

      I just finished reading Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten and thought the book was great. It was a story of two girls, June and Delia who were the bestest of friends but ‘grew apart’. Their friendship meant a lot and hit June hard when she found out that Delia died. She was immediately intrigued by the fact that it was suicide and didn’t find terms with it as she believed it was a murder. SPOILER ALERT – As time went on, Delia’s other best friend, Ashling, after June wasn’t so close with her dramatically took her away only to a great mess of huge secrets that Delia is still alive!!; the whole thing was framed on another girl. This came as an immense shock but as they took revenge for why Delia did this, they only got closer and returned to their remarkable friendship where the strongest string connecting them together is their love. I enjoyed finding out how much their friendship means and the sacrifices June makes to befriend Delia again. A great read! 

13) List four of your remarkable talents.

      Pfft Remarkable but you can say:

      – playing the violin

      – swimming

      – drawing

      – teaching others

Check check check and check

14) If you were a chef, what meal would you serve up. Starter, main, desert, side dish (however it works πŸ˜‚)

      Lool okay. For a starter, a yummy salad made with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, gherkins, olives, a little bit of grated cheese and topped with a swirl of salad cream. For main, a breaded chicken breast thinly fried to perfection with a warm gravy cover and some marinated boiled potatoes in bursting flavours of herbs and spices. And a side dish for the main would be some crispy carrots, buttered beans, celery sticks and baby corn with a few slices of flavoursome garlic bread. And dessert would be a soft crumbly brownie bake crowned with the best chocolate garnish. Does that sound tasty?


Sounds like something scrumptious 

15) What would you like to say to anyone reading this?

      Flawedsilence a.k.a Kiya is … Amazing! She is shimmering with spectacular talents, All her posts are so thought out and incredible to read. She’s hard working, talented, intelligent, THE CUTEST.  and one of the most amazingest friends to have! She is someone who can always make you smile, laugh and feel loved. Thank you so so much for giving me this great opportunity to do an amazing collab that i have enjoyed A LOT! Love you so much Kiya xx

Oh my gosh, this girl is melting my heart too muchπŸ’• thank you so much Miss Amazing

 16) A piece of clothing you are currently looking to buy.

      Long sleeved, checkered red and blue shirt. The pattern is like that you would imagine on a school skirt and is casual wear but awesome!! Hoping to get my hands on one soon ;p

17) What is one hobby you want to do in the future?

      Maybe make actual cool art drawings in huge sketchbooks to express my thoughts in other ways. I hope to inspire others and fill them with positivity πŸ™‚ 

18) You’re going out somewhere and you take a handbag/clutch/purse/bag, what is in it?

      Hmm phone, charger, purse for money, card etc, tissues (always a must i guess aha), keys for house if needed, a little notebook and some lip balm aha. I guess thats prepared but not too over the top that my bag is slouching off my shoulder aha. 

19) Tell us your favourite quote and why you like it.

      Sorry but I have two aha:

      1. ‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect’

           Never wait for the chance you want, desire, plead to have because making it possible is making the most of it. Why watch paint dry when you could be springing from floor to floor decorating a house to perfection. Go for it because time does too. 

       2. ‘The prettiest thing you can wear is your smile.’

            Smile. You’re beautiful.

20) What five things are you looking forward to?

      1. Starting sixth form to continue my dreams to success.

      2. Working hard and giving it my all so that I can say ‘Damn I did it!!’ 

      3. Continuing the amazing friendships I have and making new ones too

      4. Enjoying myself with the new opportunities and helping others do so too

      5. Adding onto the list of lovable memories with family and friends

21) As of now, where is your favourite place to go?

       As in abroad…probably Germany because it is so beautiful and has so many serene landscapes to explore. The food is great and varied as well as the exciting new places to visit such as funfairs and amusement parks. 

22) As a child, what was your favourite TV show/Cartoon?

      Berenstain Bears!!! It was everything! The way the family connected together was so great as well as the valuable lessons the show taught to us kids. The episodes based on a range of different ideas such as going to the seaside, a picnic at the park, my new bicycle, saying please and thank you were so informative yet alluring. This show is a great childhood memory I will hold onto forever aha x

23) Latest reactions to PLL live in three, two, one action . . . 

      OMGGGGG YAYYYY to Haleb!!! Omg when is Spoby?? Mary is Spencer’s mother like what?!?!?! Is Noel really dead like his head lolling OMG creepy. The girls are so brave in that spooky house covered in black! Is Spencer going to be okay…hope so!! Awwh Ezria gone forever?? What a way to brign the news to poor Aria. Jenna is feisty in the house choosing her targets effortlessly. Who the hell is AD??? 

24) What is your message to people going over a few bumps and potholes on the road to their future?

       Be brave because yes we know that life is the ultimate rollercoaster. It has ups and downs but always remember to enjoy the ride. As you pass through the tough obstacles, you will realise that obstacles don’t ever stop you; they pull you back a few inches then fire you off so that you can shoot right up up up high into the blossoming sky, letting all those itching problems and worries fling out of sight so that your mind is focussed, and only connected to your desired goals in life because then you know that you, yes you were able to get back up stronger. Because you always can; you always will.Use these bumps and potholes tripping you over time to time to boost you up the extra level. And always keep in mind that quitting is never an option no matter what. 

And with that meaningful message to you from Miss Amazing I shall end this post. Sweet dreams ~

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