Jan 23 Wrap Up

this post doesn’t obey the rules of capitalisation. the lowercase letters makes everything seem less important, and therefore slightly soothe any symptons of imposter sydrome and shyness at revealing my shennanigans over the past month.

despite this disclaimer, i invite you to probe and share your thoughts and accomplishments in jan. let’s reflect together. i like doing posts like this because it gives me a chance to pause and acknowledge what i’ve done/not done – accountability at it’s chillest form i guess.

moments i’m proud of:

  • had multiple meetings relating to the various volunteer work projects i’m involved with at the national trust and my local heritage railway site
  • come to terms with a best friend friendship breakup (i think these suck more than a romantic breakup)
  • passed my final exam with ACCA and am now a chartered certified accountant (*cough cough* imposterrrr)
  • blessed the office with my presence more; i’ve probably been in office more than i went in the entirety of last year. granted i live a fair distance away, i’m aiming for once a week (obviously on the most deserted day, friyays)
  • listened to my first audio book, and enjoyed it somewhat at a slower speed than x 1. meant my brain could process the plot, daydream about it, and not be left behind. deffo prefer reading physical words though – struggling with an actual novel i’m listening to now…too much time required to focus on listening attentively, but taking breaks then destroys the continuity my brain desires
  • i can knit something basic – a long stretch of yarn! it’s been a bucketlist item since very lil, and i’ve finally not given up, stuck to it and learnt it. i suck at multitasking so my goal was to be able to knit and watch a kdrama simultaneously…call me the best please, cause goal achieved

books i read:

  • london seance society
    • arc by sarah penner, review pending
  • the signalman
    • audiobook, charles dickens
  • the master builder
    • play by henrik ibsen
  • the way we live now
    • audiobook, anthony trollope (plodding my way through, no spoilers please)

things i watched:

  • season four of stranger things
    • i procastinated watching this show so much as it’s not my go to genre. the first three seasons weren’t so great for me, because as a child, i’ve read similar or better fantasy plots in books. however, the fourth season was my cup of tea – i loved it so much and the finale season broke my heart midway but i’m grateful it ended on a calm!
  • spirited away
    • a big thank you to john for introducing me to my first studio ghibli animation. honestly, i was quite scared i wouldn’t be able to get into it, or enjoy it as my usual genre is fast paced, action, crime. however, very quickly i was immersed in it’s beautiful imagery, music and funky plotline. it was an escape back to my childhood, a time where i was so carefree and relaxed; watching the animation just evoked the same feelings within me.
  • season two of ginny & georgia
    • it’s just a meh show and i’m only watching because i got through season one and i hate up giving up on shows. like i’ve wasted x amount hours so i have to get to the end now or it’s a complete waste of energy…has anyone else got this flawed logic?
  • bad and crazy
    • this k-drama revolved around split personality and the human pysche, and of course, as a bonus, the setting was within the anti-corruption department of the police force. most of the main leads were new actors/actresses for me, but was very happy to see Won Hyun Joon play the baddie!
  • a model family
    • i don’t feel like i got closure? it ended with a bang and i have so many questions? also loved that Won Jyun Joon, Jeon Jin Oh and Park Hee-Soon featured.
  • extraordinary attorney woo
    • the ending was so sudden? i wasn’t keeping an eye on the episodes and was left empty when i discovered that was the last episode. i despise and have hope for kwon – he has potential for positive character development but right now, as a person he’s sucks bigtime.
  • start up
    • the secret love triangle that is now in the open is killing me. #teamletterboy (almost done with this show, please no spoilers)

current song obsession:

  • hilarious by charlie puth


  • catchup over wagamama’s with two of my closest friends from highschool. the first time we had been reunited as a trio in over four years. my first night time drive with my friends too, blasting music and roasting each other.
  • being so dopey at work, and resulting in the cutest “graduation” celebration (i almost cried, no one’s ever done that for me before, and well i guess for a moment, i had my, i did that, that was all me, moment)
  • going to a craft store and getting so excited over colourful yarn. there was too much choice. it was bliss. i brought way too much yarn, but hey, i have no regrets.

how was your january? tell me all about it ❤


2 thoughts on “Jan 23 Wrap Up

  1. kate says:

    omg when i saw all the colorful yarns, i got so excited! i’ve been meaning to get into yarn crafts, specifically crochet, myself. i want to do it whilst watching TV etc but i’m concerned with my lack of multitasking skills. do you have any tips that helped you?

    also attorney woo! i feel like they were mainly focused in creating a conclusion on young woo and her mother but it left a lot of other subplots in an unsatisfying ending. def leaves a lot to use for a season 2 which *crossing fingers* we’ll hopefully get.

    Liked by 1 person

    • flawed_silence says:

      Eek, I’m 1000% certain that once you get into yarn crafts, whatever you produce will be MAGICAL ✨ you’re already a creativity goddess – camp half blood would throne you!!

      I started first by just repetitively giving me attention to the stitch I was learning, then I listened to music and then idle chit chat and then transitioned to kdramas. Once your muscle memories kick in, it gets super easy to multitask.


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