Feb 23 Wrap Up

this post doesn’t obey the rules of capitalisation. the lowercase letters makes everything seem less important, and therefore slightly soothe any symptons of imposter sydrome and shyness at revealing my shennanigans over the past month.

despite this disclaimer, i invite you to probe and share your thoughts and accomplishments in feb. let’s reflect together. i like doing posts like this because it gives me a chance to pause and acknowledge what i’ve done/not done – accountability at it’s chillest form i guess.

moments i’m proud of:

  • my excel formula skills have definitely levelled up, i’m able to build files/reports quite independently. it’s such a satisfying feeling and i’m quite excited to start applying excel skills to my personal life (cue for my friends to laugh)
  • i knitted quite a chunky piece and then unravelled it due to my high expectations
  • went to swindon and had a very engaging and thought provoking event with the national trust
  • xyz to be disclosed later because of my slight belief in the bad eye
  • found my way back to my bookstagram feed

books i read:

  • after the fall
    • play by arthur miler
  • a view from the bridge
    • play by arthur miller
  • a good girl’s guide to murder
    • borrowed book from a friend, by holly jackson
  • the way we live now
    • audiobook, anthony trollope (yeah – no, i gave up on this audiobook, i’m sorry, i tried my best to commit)

things i watched:

  • start up
    • finished this kdrama but so disappointed with the final pairing
  • you
    • the new season is meh. bit of role reversal going on with joe being hunted instead…
  • the king: eternal monarch
    • this kdrama isn’t my usual genre – a romantic historical fantasy – but it was a very good watch. the king gave zero a whole new meaning; i loved his interpretation of the number zero. he gave it so much power
  • tomorrow
    • beautiful kdrama that explores what drives people to suicide and what their saving grace can be

current song obsession:

  • fat funny friend by maddie zahm


  • i literally spent 85% of feb unwell so it kinda flew by. i did a lot of sleeping which was nice
  • my day trip to swindon was special. it was the first time i was doing a solo journey on public transport like 50 or so miles away. i was very nervous – didn’t know anyone there. but it turned out to be a really nice day, made new connections, had good convos and didn’t cave into the what ifs.

how was your february? tell me all about it ❤


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