so i’m twenty i guess?


i’m writing this post since i’m twenty now, or as my younger bro likes to remind me, two decades old *eyeroll* i thought i’d just ramble about things i want to accomplish and let you keep me accountable for it all. these are dreams i want to catch before i turn twenty one…


  • sit financial accounting paper in september
  • study and sit exam for financial reporting
  • study and sit exam for corporate and business law
  • study and sit exam for another acca paper – which one is undecided for now
  • progress further at work and ask to learn new things that touch upon what i cover in exams


  • pick up a book and fricking read it without feeling bad vibes. learn to escape in books again. let go of the i should be doing this or that or this or that and relax…it’s okay to indulge in some alone time where you just chill
  • bullet journal – don’t give up…make it to a year…
  • sketchbooks – give them a creative more artsy makeover – make it less basic and more oof
  • perhaps start lowkey working on that secret project of yours?
  • pia pia pianoooo

blog things:

  • post whenever i’m feeling it
  • start collabing again – exciting things are coming
  • be less of a ghost

life things:

  • develop a better sleeping, eating, staying hydrated habit
  • stop caring about things that won’t matter in a few weeks time. stop crying over people who aren’t so nice. in other words, waste your emotions on worthy causes. cause sometimes it be like that. people suck, and life can be a bit of a bish but it’s okie. good vibes only
  • just be yourself. hide away less. and carry on being so open and blunt. don’t be afraid of speaking your mind. it is what it is
  • continue making memories with special ones

and i guess that’s a wrap?

what are some dreams you hope to catch in the next year or so? what are some dreams you’ve caught?

kiya x


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