What Christmas Character are you? Ft Allie



Hey there everyone! How are you all doing today?

Are you feeling festive? Are you  counting down the days to Christmas? Are you ready to take a festive quiz created by the wonderful Allie and myself?

If the answer is yes, grab yourself something to write with and something to write on. There are fourteen multiple choice questions, and all you need to do is answer them honestly, and note down whether you select a, b, c or d. Let’s go!

1. When do you start celebrating Christmas?

a) November the 1st ASAP

b) I skip December

c) Just a couple of days before Christmas, it’s not THAT big of a deal

d) What do you mean, it’s Christmas every day!


2. What’s likely to be on your Christmas jumper?

a) Reindeer

b) Bah hambug

c) A cute winter scene

d )Obviously a Christmas pun


3. What is your go to carol?

a) Rocking around the Christmas Tree

b) Carols are overplayed

c) Ugh carols are overplayed

d) Santa Claus is coming to town


4. What is your Christmas tradition?

a) Wrapping presents

b) I sit alone and get some time to myself away from the festivities

c) A massive family gathering

d) Creating smiles and stuffing mince pies


5. How much effort do you put into your gifts?

a) Cute bows and a personal touch

b) I use whatever paper is lying around – they’re gonna rip it off anyways

c) As long as they’re wrapped with a nametag, it’s fine

d) ALL the effort! They’ve got to be perfect!


6. My Christmas tree will be overpopulated with

a) Baubles, snowflakes and glitter

b)The tree will be more useful in the fireplace *shaking my head*

c) Um . . .whatever looks pretty and is discounted at the store

d) Lots of lights and handmade crafts



7. Christmas dinner at my house will be

a) A roast with all the trimmings and cookies for desert

b) I’ll be hoping for someone else to invite me for dinner

c) A big potluck

d) Milk and cookies…yum


8. Christmas morning I wake up at

a) I’m so knackered but I’m awake – yo what time is it?!

b) I try to sleep in despite the screams of joy

c) I jump out of bed when I realise it’s Christmas and trample my family on the way to the present pile

d) I don’t go to sleep on the most magical night of the year, Christmas Eve, what are you on about? I have presents to deliver – of course I’m awake


9. On Christmas day I’ll be the one

a) Who gives everyone else their present first

b) Scowling at everyone, how dare they make noise

c) Who tears through all my presents and then hides them so no one else will ever take them

d) Doing everything I can to make it the best Christmas ever


10. When I see snow, my reaction is

a) Snow angels

b) Not again


d) Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh


11. I’ll be shopping for

a) Toys and food for homeless people so they can have a Christmas too!

b) A pair of earplugs and a bag of sweet

c) Sledges and marshmallows for all the hot chocolate we’re going to drink

d) Tons of Christmas decorations for the North Pole


12. My most used winter emoji will be

a) The snowflake

b) I don’t use emojis

c) A mish mash of everything

d) A sleigh that’s not as cool as mine


13. On Christmas Day I will be watching

a) Christmas cartoons

b) WAIT THERE’S A MOVIE ABOUT ME? The Grinch who Stole Christmas – OMG I AM SO FAMOUS! *watches it 47 times laughing about how awesome they are*

c) Whatever family friendly, comedic Christmas movie is on. Elf is a prime example.

d) Binge watching all the Christmas specials


14. How would you describe your winter spirit?

a) A merry and jolly Christmas angel who has a dark side if you mess with their festivities

b) A grumpy old cat who is just looking for some compassion deep inside

c) The boisterous yet adorable kids having a snowball fight yet ready to gobble up all the food like the big bad wolf

d) The very best Christmas spirit, pure winter cinnamon roll

And that was the last question. Now all you have to do is tally up how many of each letter you got.

So if you got:

Mostly a’s you are an elf

Mostly b’s you are the Grinch


Mostly c’s you are part of the family from Home Alone

Mostly d’s  you are Santa (RUN YOUR IDENTITY IS EXPOSED)

We hope you enjoyed completing the quiz. Don’t forget to leave behind in the comments below what type of Christmas Character you are! We’d love to know.

I would love to thank Allie for collabing with me. All these festively beautiful photographs are created by the amazing Allie! Please take a moment to check out her awesome blog;  in particular I found this post about insecurities incredibly inspirational.

If you enjoyed today’s post, and want to read more collabs during Blogmas, please subscribe using your email or by clicking the follow button.

Have a beautiful day beautiful!

P.S this was just a quiz for fun, so if you did end up being the Grinch, smile, you can change that, and similarly if you happen to be Santa, please don’t get stuck down any chimneys!


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