poisoned minds

The environment we live in is toxic. It poisons our minds and kills our humanity. And that’s why I’m addressing you, the people of toady, in the hopes you will nurture a safe haven for all to prosper in.

We live in a society where we allow the media to dictate how we look, social media to validate our experiences, numbers to define our worth, and social constructs to measure our happiness. In this manner, we, as a society, are effectively handcuffing ourselves to idealised concepts of perfection.

But what do we gain from it? Why do we attempt to shepherd everyone into the same box? Is this healthy? For us? For me? For you?

Society should embrace our individuality and place no restrains on our freedom. We should be able to express ourselves through art and culture and paint bold statements in minds.  One should not be judged for being different, or shunned for being in the minority. We’re all equals and we should support everyone’s race in life – whether that be to rebel against or assimilate into what we’ve been taught by books and words and life experiences.

It seems, we choose to live passively in an environment where we suffocate creativity and promote intelligence; where we give wisdom to the old and foolishness to the young; where one colour, one race, one belief, one gender weighs heavier on a scale than another. It isn’t fair. It isn’t right to treat our own blood with this injustice. And that is why the change must start with you.

You can speak the language of compassion. You can deafen the voice of corruption and filter out the intoxicants in our environment.  Envision the future you want for yourself and be the change that helps construct it.

If not now. .. then when?

What’s one change you want to help bring about?

7 thoughts on “poisoned minds

  1. Kate says:

    I love this so much. I didn’t know I missed your rants until I read this 💕💕💕
    The one change I would like to help bring about is the way society see each other’s quirks. It’s not exactly world-peace quality but it would be great if we were all to welcome and acknowledge the weirdness in the people around us. And not throw it off as some kind of awful flaw. We all have a little bit of weird in us — and it shouldn’t be tamped deep underneath ourselves like a dirty little secret we banish underneath our beds. ❤

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    • flawed_silence says:

      KATE YOU ALWAYS ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY WHEN YOU LEAVE BEHIND YOUR SPECIAL COMMENTS 💜💜 *clutches heart dramatically* oh it’s melting do something my artistic!

      Ah yes, the world would be so much happier if we all just acknowledged and accepted our individuality. Just, you know, our unique quirks make us us and if you don’t love it, someone else will and if it makes us tick them let us be.

      Thank you for this comment 💜💞

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      • Kate says:

        I have made it one of my official jobs to always keep your heart melting in a good happy way as much as I can 😁❤ BECAUSE YOU DO THE SAME TO MINE
        You’re so right. It is sad to think that judging comes so naturally to us but that’s all the more reason to be mindful of what we say and deliberately celebrate each other’s quirks. 😊❤

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