i will fly

life just seems to

free fall

around me 

as i sit in the passenger seat


someone else write 



i kick my heels

and strain against

the dirt 

piling up against me




want to

grip onto these shackles;

they wind round

my wrists


keep me captive.

i am frozen

in this picturesque


i can’t escape.

my palms –

they collide

with the outside world

i cant

seem to step 



but it is here

that i


that i might

loose my mind

if i don’t choose my path;

i’m trying to


that i’m trying

to live inside a

world others have


for me.

and it’s alright

to stroll down a different path

where my vision

shows me fiery sunsets

and rays

of hope.



that i can

grow my wings


learn to love


for i am


i am powerful

in the way

i allow

belief, resilience, courage

to all flow

through my veins.

i will fly

and i will reach

the place my heart

yearns to call



this post is a result of my best friend, who i shall call call the mysterious one, till i come up with a better name, for now. he gave me a challenge. he sent me the following three photos and told me to write something linking them all together. and the above is what happened. i’d like to thank him for supporting me in being creative x


2 thoughts on “i will fly

  1. Kate says:

    BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS. Your poems are always filled with vivid imagery and they constantly inspire me with out-of-this-world art ideas (that you should probably write the fckin down, KATE.) ❤ ❤
    Shoutout to your best friend for being so supportive of your creativity 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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