Dear Enemy,

Dear Enemy,

We got off to a wrong start. A very wrong start. Maybe we weren’t meant to be friends. Maybe we’re polar opposites. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Now we’ll never know.

I thank you for providing entertainment. I grudge against you for deflating my ego. I’m amused at your reactions, grateful for you taking my taunts in your stride. You reminded me that I wasn’t perfect – all my flaws went unescaped by you. All the jeers you brought to my ears rounded me into the person I am today. You made me cry; sometimes. I made you fight; most times. We made people laugh – non-stop squabbling, catfights, witty remarks, painful jokes, laughing at the other’s expenses. Gosh, we even got on; rarely.

Yeah, I said I hated you. It was a common fact. You said you hated me. It was inscribed on your heart. We ended every fight with I hate you!! B*tch being added onto the end of that sentence in our heads. Why deny it? Things always got ugly when we were within a five metre radar of each other. Very ugly indeed. I remember how just looking at you made my blood boil. Every time you knowingly said something. You knew I would react. I couldn’t resist getting a strike over you. So I topped what you did. Endless lectures from friends, teachers, whoever, we still hated each other’s guts with such passion, that it’s almost freaky if I didn’t hate you so much. Maybe in another life we would have been partners in crime. I doubt it though. I mean you and me – friends? Ughhh, that tastes so revolting rolling round in my mouth!

Yours Faithfully

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