Dear Crush,

Dear Crush,

You’re so confusing. Honestly. There are times when I feel at ease with you and speak my mind, and be myself and we have a laugh. Then there are moment when butterflies are all that squirm in my stomach.

When I think I’m over you, I’m not. When I’m not supposed to be over you, I am. You’re always haunting my mind when someone mentions something that connects to you. I can literally sing Katy Perry’s song to you: You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no, you’re in and you’re out . . . because you know what, that’s all you are. A yes or a no of many thoughts.

So here I wait for you to whisk me away. And here I stand, wondering if I had made a mistake when I moved on. Did you ever like me? Was I ever in your mind after I left? Should I just have told you? Let me tell you fact number one I learnt about crushes: you never stop thinking about them ever. Even when you’ve moved on because there always is a million what if’s in your head.


8 thoughts on “Dear Crush,

  1. regina5000 says:

    OMG this is so true!!!! This is literally the story of my life, like I can never stop thinking about my crush!!! And to make matters worse, he’s MY TEACHER!!! It’s just so awkward but he’s so nice, gah!! Great post!!!!

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  2. nitapan14 says:

    Scarily relatable. What ifs pound me every day even though I know that’s it’s for the best that nothing happened… I’m quite happy that I only have crushed on three people. I don’t think I’d be able to handle having multiple what ifs for more than three guys on the brain… One is difficult enough as it is! ^-^

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