Dear Two Faced Friend,

Dear Two Faced Friend,

I know I mean nothing to you; yet I still look out for your every whim. I know your phoney lies from the speakable truths; your fake smiles from the genuine bursts of peeling laughter. I know when you come to me for gossip, and when you come because you care. I know when you blank me, and when you don’t, and welcome me with open arms. I know the get lost vibe and the never go away friend radiance. And I know the: I’m going to use like a tissue till you’re crumpled for my needs attitude. I know your two faces – the good and the bad. The bad makes more of an appearance though.

More importantly, I know when you are backstabbing me. I know because I can feel the pain. But I’m still here for you, a shoulder to cry on, someone to rant to, a someone to offer reassurance when clearly you don’t do the same for me.

Yours Faithfully

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