there’s this sadness gnawing away

there's this sadness gnawing away at my bones; it lurks inside my soul and feeds off my thoughts. i tried to kill it but my conscience kept resuscitating it; i think my heart fell in love with the way it remains loyal to me in a way no one else can be. i'm tired of … Continue reading there’s this sadness gnawing away


i stay offline aeroplane mode pattering keyboard fingers dead, vibrating buzzes of messages silent the flickering light of notifications resting the battery sleeping, voice calls not going through network disconnected´ the person you are trying to call is unavailable welcome to three voicemail, one tick last seen 27/10/15 unresponsive uncaring not fearful of shoving people … Continue reading unresponsive

he traded us

he loves drinking and the drink seems to love him; no care it seems neither has for the world. he traded his wife's love for the one of a bottle, gambled away his kids' love to the off licence corner shops; more loyal to the alcohol than to his work schedule alas it seems no … Continue reading he traded us

hold me tight

hold me tight and tell me my version of the truth is warped. tell me these illusions i see are false and tell me about how the night sky is expansive and although cloaked in darkness a safe haven for those lost and hungry for certainty. feed me other than the lies i weave into … Continue reading hold me tight