may 2020 – monthly wrap up

hey! welcome to my monthly wrap up post where i look back and reflect on the shenanigans of life! i would love to hear how may treated you so do swing by in the comments! moments i'm proud of: i started studying again as soon as april ended. and i've stuck to my routine which … Continue reading may 2020 – monthly wrap up

he said i was perfect

he said i was perfect yet let his eyes wander to girls with more curves and prettier faces and educate me on what sexy is and told me not to worry - god has given us science, and there's nothing surgery can't fix; of course - that's if you're unhappy darling, with your body, he'd … Continue reading he said i was perfect


i've been treading the path i've been taking at gunpoint but it's only now that i realise it's you that's been holding me hostage all this time. i would have traded my smile for yours given up sleep wasted away idle hours in your company obsessed over anything and everything with you sacrificed the rewards … Continue reading hostage


i stay offline aeroplane mode pattering keyboard fingers dead, vibrating buzzes of messages silent the flickering light of notifications resting the battery sleeping, voice calls not going through network disconnected´ the person you are trying to call is unavailable welcome to three voicemail, one tick last seen 27/10/15 unresponsive uncaring not fearful of shoving people … Continue reading unresponsive

he traded us

he loves drinking and the drink seems to love him; no care it seems neither has for the world. he traded his wife's love for the one of a bottle, gambled away his kids' love to the off licence corner shops; more loyal to the alcohol than to his work schedule alas it seems no … Continue reading he traded us