Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020

Hellooo!How are you all doing? Wishing you all a very happy new year, and sending you lots of love and good vibes! Today's post is going to involve some graphs and stats, and a look back on my blogging journey. Ever since my blog, and interaction levels began to grow, I've been curious to analysis … Continue reading Reflecting on my Blogging Journey in 2020

i met a superhero

inspired by lauv's song superhero. please listen in the background whilst reading. would love to hear your thoughts ❤ sometimes people come into your lifeand make the shades of colouryou see so much prettier and enticing than it used to be;all of a sudden the comfort you find in chaosno longer seems appealing,and the long … Continue reading i met a superhero

all the demons & angels keep shouting at me

and all the demonsand angelskeep shouting at me -i'm clingingto the edge of sanity,so tell me if the fall from gracewill be painless? nothing in hellscares meand no place in heavenentices meand existence doesn'ttempt me;society is tryingto resuscitate me whilstcrushing my insides. and all theseangels and demonsseem to leave meat the mercyof my own conscience;i … Continue reading all the demons & angels keep shouting at me

if i die young

if i die young,i want to be buriedknowing my heart feltall it couldand my dreamswere unleashed fromthe realms of myimagination;if i die youngi don't wantmy unspoken wordsto be regretsor have diednot sayingi love youto the oneswhom my heartbelongs to. if i die young,i want to haveexperienced liferather than havecoexisted with it;i want to havebeen happy … Continue reading if i die young