Dear Trust,

Dear Trust,

Why does it take eternity to build you up, but just a mere nano second for you to come raining down? Why can’t words, gestures, emotions hurry up the process in securing one’s trust, yet how can the very same things shatter it all as rapidly?

Why do we doubt the trust we have when asked to fall backwards into a supposedly trusted ones arms? Promises mark the beginning of you. Is that why it hurts so much when they are broken? Not because of the secret that has been violated, but because of the trust and hope you had put in them came crashing down.

All in all, every single time trust is dealt with, it is a gamble. It’s a risky procedure, especially when you become reliant on it. One micro thing is all that you take for yourself to come pounding down. Consider that before you attempt to jeopardise yourself. Why do you have to bloom in us? Can we not live without you? The harsh answer is no, because you will get replaced with another word that has the same meaning as you. There is no escaping this dangerous, delicate emotion. You are the foundation for the bricks we must build.

Your faithfully,

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