My take on silence

Silence: the absence of sound or speaking. (The dictionary definition)

  Also the the term for internal suffering when debating whether to voice your opinions, or exhaust yourself from defending yourself owing to people with a motto of judge a person by their appearance, not their heart.

Maybe it’s not the above but the dejected feeling of worthlessness which contributes to someone closing down and refusing to offer their intake on anything for the mere reason it doesn’t matter. What they have to say is not of value when ironically it is invaluable.

In which subtle awkwardness elapses when the conversation has died down. A semi state of acceptance and reluctance to restart a conversation on something new owing to the fact no one is willing to take the leap to new territory. Therefore the silence continues on.

In contrary, it is also the word for quietness in which everyone is at ease with everything.  A term defining the tranquility that exists in peaceful coexistence where no one has to compress their voice in order to keep the peace, because everyone is respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or health as no one exerts superiority, but compassion instead.

Silence: When one has to think twice before typing a comment below – effectively repressing your true opinions.

11 thoughts on “My take on silence

  1. mfstark says:

    I’m am not at ease in silence… If the voices in my head are not conversing about something…then something is wrong. I like your take on the word. The mere thought of the word “silence” causes the silence to end. 🙂

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  2. aramsey_poet says:

    There can be great comfort in the silence of two people so in tune that there is no need to speak. For when something needs to be said there is a listener. When something needs to be understood, that person is there knowing. That is a silence to strive for, to be longed for.

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  3. through daisys eyes says:

    Miss chatty box over here (me!) doesn’t take silence too well:/ Sometimes all I want is no noise so I can just think – but most of the time I’m singing my head off ( and always apologising to my acquaintances for the dreadful noise that comes out my pipes!) aha

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