Dear Death,

Dear Death,

You stalk me a lot. In my dreams, on the streets, in my mind, wide awake. You don’t scare me; I know you can’t be beaten. Yes, I can cheat you, but no I can never ever beat you. I wonder a lot about you – when we do meet, I have a lot of questions lined up for you. You terrify me only when I see that you are lingering close to my loved ones. Be gentle and gradual; please don’t spring suddenly on cherished life supplies. You know you’re actually comforting to ponder about. You’re the end to everything. Pain and life in general. In my mind, I don’t sketch you as the cold hearted villain you’re supposed to be. You’re just emptiness in my mind. I don’t know what qualities to fill you up with, apart from grief and content. You’re just a colour to me -if darkness can be categorised as a colour that is.

Whenever my mind drifts to you, I always marvel at how many you carry away in your arms. I wonder how I would die, where I would die, if it would be natural, if people would miss me and so on. Although we all dislike death, we should actually be grateful for it. You put us out of our many miseries. You put our minds at ease, our souls at peace and let us rest in tranquillity. You know when our time comes, but yet again sometimes you don’t. Is that because you can sense a worse fate for us, so you take us early sympathetically? Whatever the reasons, you are a guarantee, a promise, an oath, a pledge that will never be broken. We will always depart with you. Stubborn at first but willingly in the end.

Yours faithfully,

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