you did the same to me

you chose to kill your family ties with the drinking. you swapped the bedtime stories for late night score settlings and exchanged family chatter at the dinner table for radio silence; you raised a fist in your family home and discarded your flesh and blood - the ones you vowed to love, cherish and protect … Continue reading you did the same to me

you were the one

i was scared to love again; scared to be loved and to be in love until i met You. You made it so easy that before i knew it my heart was all yours and that thought didn't intimidate me - not one little bit. and i guess that's when i Knew that you were … Continue reading you were the one

the thing about life

life is too unpredictable to be complacent, and too beautiful to have to waste time burying regrets. we often wander around wearing masks that cloak our personalities, and speak in tongues that betray our authentic opinions. we settle for less because we want to please strangers and acquaintances, and cater to the envy, spite, gas-lighting … Continue reading the thing about life


i've been treading the path i've been taking at gunpoint but it's only now that i realise it's you that's been holding me hostage all this time. i would have traded my smile for yours given up sleep wasted away idle hours in your company obsessed over anything and everything with you sacrificed the rewards … Continue reading hostage


i stay offline aeroplane mode pattering keyboard fingers dead, vibrating buzzes of messages silent the flickering light of notifications resting the battery sleeping, voice calls not going through network disconnected´ the person you are trying to call is unavailable welcome to three voicemail, one tick last seen 27/10/15 unresponsive uncaring not fearful of shoving people … Continue reading unresponsive

he traded us

he loves drinking and the drink seems to love him; no care it seems neither has for the world. he traded his wife's love for the one of a bottle, gambled away his kids' love to the off licence corner shops; more loyal to the alcohol than to his work schedule alas it seems no … Continue reading he traded us