i live in a world where supposedly having my hemline touch the knee or lower is supposed to protect me; i'm supposed to stay in bed at 2AM not because it's good to maintain a good sleeping pattern but to roam the streets and stargaze aren't deemed to be safe for the girls. i shouldn't … Continue reading IT’S NOT YOUR BODY

don’t get close to anyone

don't get close to anyone my thoughts whisper to me; stay guarded my mind warns and my heart proceeds to put up barriers warding off the devil that appears today in the form of attachment. i'm just too tired, too goddamn tired of caring more than them and draining my soul dry for someone whose … Continue reading don’t get close to anyone


i've been treading the path i've been taking at gunpoint but it's only now that i realise it's you that's been holding me hostage all this time. i would have traded my smile for yours given up sleep wasted away idle hours in your company obsessed over anything and everything with you sacrificed the rewards … Continue reading hostage