someplace silent 

sometimes you feel so lost  even when there's a map at hand and the path you're supposed to be treading signposted so clearly but sometimes we become weary travellers looking for someplace safe  to rest  and someplace silent  to hide  away from the claws  of life.

tell me who cares

every time i hear the words fire into my heart i feel the same way but i guess you do too we're all at war with ourselves torn apart  between moulding ourselves into societies hands or swimming against the tide of what everyone else wants us to be there's no peace only noise so much … Continue reading tell me who cares

be a 

​be a princess who knows how to be elegant  but also a princess that knows how to walk around in scuffled shoes, and messy hair, a princess that doesn't hide behind flowers or etiquette - and a princess that isn't afraid to be known as  the princess who doesn't fit amongst the palace garden roses  … Continue reading be a