How did This happen

And before I know itThe winter cold is here,And the wildlife areCrying to be kept aliveAs harsh winds, and sombre skiesTake over.That's another year I let pine awayWhilst I let myself drown in The clutches of my despairThat competes with the Tranquillity and pride That comes with the Smug self-satisfaction of Making yourself the Master … Continue reading How did This happen

Being Love’s Prey

If you wanted to see me, you could’ve just said so. But tell me, how does one ask to see another, knowing in their heart, the other would rather not be there at all? When you are here, it feels like I have something to fear. Why would I fear the person I love? It … Continue reading Being Love’s Prey

the thing about life

life is too unpredictable to be complacent, and too beautiful to have to waste time burying regrets. we often wander around wearing masks that cloak our personalities, and speak in tongues that betray our authentic opinions. we settle for less because we want to please strangers and acquaintances, and cater to the envy, spite, gas-lighting … Continue reading the thing about life

one, two, three

hi all x today's post is inspired by clara from midnight mind. she takes the most beautiful photographs and has such amusing, deep, quirky posts. if you would like to read the original post that has inspired today's post, please read it here. my heart feels warms seeing and responding to the incoming notifications from … Continue reading one, two, three

and only then

you don't knowthat you've beenbetrayeduntil you feelshards of glassinside your thoughtsand you beginto make yourselfat homewith the sinkingmotioninside your heart thatrefuses to cease. it's when yourmindcan finally replay thosebroken memorieson a loopwithout tastingheartache or sadnessbut more ofan anguished sorrownessthat they drew thedagger on youand thatyou let them stabyou. because that's thesad part ofbetrayal - we … Continue reading and only then

lost forever

soundtrack: find what you're looking for - olivia o'brien please listen to the song in the background whilst reading the following this one's dedicated to all of you who have walked away from people with devastation in your heart. this one's dedicated to those of you who let someone go without realising what you were … Continue reading lost forever