dying dreams

Write a response less than 750 words based on the following sentence: You look into the mirror, only to see that it isn’t your reflection staring back at you, but... You look into the mirror only to see that it isn't your reflection staring back at you, but all your broken dreams and shattered hopes. … Continue reading dying dreams

launch of beautiful is tag

We often feel ugly.  Because we're too diverse, too unique, too incredible to be conformed to societies constructions of beautiful.  And it shouldn't be that way. We shouldn't feel ugly about who we are as an individual.  We shouldn't identify as ugly because we aren't a mirror reflection of social norm.  We shouldn't try to … Continue reading launch of beautiful is tag

Our Blogging Scene ft Anna

Hey there everyone! We hope you’ve all had a fairly interesting and productive week, and hopefully a relaxing weekend around the corner. Today, the wonderfully friendly and awesome blogger Anna from Diversion3000 is with me, and we present to you Our Blogging Scene We shall begin with some photos of Anna’s blogging environment, and since … Continue reading Our Blogging Scene ft Anna


The cramped room you're suffocating in with a one way sign pointing towards a future carved out by everyone else but you. The false knowledge that is engraved into your thoughts that second chances don't exist. That fairytales are glossed over and that every cloud doesn't have a silver lining. The anxiety surrounding you as … Continue reading Pressure