loosing touch 

feeling like a stranger  within one's mind, the prison bars are strong;  they cage the thoughts in. it's hard to escape  your shadows when your sun is  worn out. everything feels so foreign when you're loosing touch with who you  are.


what’s freedom

What's freedom When you're taught to fly within a gilded cage What's inner peace When you learn to subdue your inner torments Where's individualism When you tailor your traits to the norm How are you free If every action is puppeted by the opinions of others Can you truly say You've had a taste of … Continue reading what’s freedom

hold me tight

hold me tight and tell me my version of the truth is warped. tell me these illusions i see are false and tell me about how the night sky is expansive and although cloaked in darkness a safe haven for those lost and hungry for certainty. feed me other than the lies i weave into … Continue reading hold me tight