dying dreams

Write a response less than 750 words based on the following sentence: You look into the mirror, only to see that it isn’t your reflection staring back at you, but... You look into the mirror only to see that it isn't your reflection staring back at you, but all your broken dreams and shattered hopes. … Continue reading dying dreams


just hold on 

trying to heal yourself  using the same broken pieces  trying to restitch  wounds that open again and again  using salty tears and already weakened threads so what if I'm not everything I'm supposed to be  right now  whilst I'm trying  to savalge the best in me  when all that's coming to light  are the flaws … Continue reading just hold on 

you and i

You and I We lack that connection Where all we do is try to Pretend we understand Pretend that we empathise When we're standing On lava that burns through Our thoughts All I know is that We say things That doesn’t change a thing We share laughs That become buried When the lightening bolt strikes … Continue reading you and i